wallpaper-landscape-mountain-sea-lake-awesome-537The code on December 14 (the actual Universal Date of the Gemini Full Moon just hours ago) invites you to step into Leadership, be Free and feel Immortal!

Moreover, a major theme activated now is Jupiter opposite Uranus.

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Jupiter rules Sagittarius (where the Sun is now and was during the Full Moon) – Sagittarius governs expansion, higher wisdom and happiness.

Uranus rules Aquarius – sign of the New Age, breakthroughs, innovation and unlimited possibilities.

Lying opposite each other, these two are being brought into balance:

      • Jupiter in Libra helps us to cooperate with others in an optimistic, positive, generous and trustworthy way.
      • Uranus in Aries activates the freedom to act unimpeded by consensus, and radical change.

You're finding the middle ground between the two – where the energies are equalized to invite you to: Honor everyone's independence while being generous in spirit.

This equilibrium is only possible if you TRUST.

Trust in the inherent right to be free and independent, and trust your natural generosity of spirit that activates limitless abundance and joy.

This pulsating energy of freedom/change and generosity/expansion can feel confusing at times – as we hover between optimism and a nervous anticipation of “what’s next?”.

When brought into balance Jupiter opposite Uranus invite you to feel  inspiration and fearlessness.

The result is Inspired Action.

Inspiration is the Divine in action through you… The Divine is infinite, eternally available, forever in existence and pulsating in your heart.

      • How would you treat yourself and others if you embraced yourself as an immortal being?
      • What would you spend your time on?
      • How would you ACT and how would you share and communicate (Full Moon in Gemini) your feelings, inspirations, concerns and ideas – as an immortal?

You are a divine being created in infinite and eternal love. Always remember that.

You are eternal.

Being in touch with your immortality is what sets you free.

As an immortal you have unlimited confidence to enjoy your life as an ongoing adventure and explore (not judge) decisions that expand your understanding of who you are. Every day is a magnificent opportunity to experience your brilliance.

Now, at the end of 2016 and the end of a 9-year cycle, there is a HUGE pivot point – many decisions and opportunities are present at this time.

After the Full Moon in Gemini a few hours ago, the Moon has now moved into Cancer – its home sign.

This is a very beautiful moment for you to embrace what it FEELS like to be fully engaged from the heart. Your heart resonates to the immortal pulse of the universe. Cancer represents the mother and the womb and being cradled in love.

Cancer wants you to TRUST that love is the only answer.

With Moon in Cancer over the next two days you feel more open to sharing your heart.

Jupiter opposite Uranus is urging you to risk it ALL by understanding and embracing the yearnings in your heart and soul.

Breathe in and ride the wave into the unknown – many gifts await you!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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