In the past weeks I've been asked about Jon and Kate Gosselin. I had no idea who they were. Knowing that celebrity and current events are often great examples when it comes to sharing the amazing world of names and numbers, I decided to check into Jon and Kate.

For all of you in the dark like I was, the Gosselins have eight kids – 8-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets. Their show Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a TV hit and has made them millionaires.

It's being reported that Jon and Kate's marriage is on the rocks. Supposedly he may have had an affair. Let's have a look at Jon first.

Jon Gosselin has a very strong double 11 in his birth blueprint – his Life Purpose is 29/11 and his Destiny is 92/11. Notice how these two numbers mirror each other, an effect that strengthens the meaning considerably.

11 signifies mastery, double creativity, leadership, teaching abilities and double originality. The flipside is that Jon's two major 11s show he may feel divided about his life. And the 29 – 92 combo also indicates his spiritual strength will be tested.

So there can be uncertainties, divisions – plus these numbers show he can experience anxiety issues with women.

Developing an optimistic outlook on life is crucial for Jon – optimism and faith in the power of goodness is the miraculous medicine for his  powerful numbers combo.

When it comes to their marriage by the numbers, Jon and Kate are compatible – but they'll HAVE to work on their relationship. There's harmony AND conflict, so the marriage can definitely experience rough times.

And since the Gosselins and their 8 kids are being filmed by tv crews, travel with body guards and are celebrities in their own right – every event, positive or negative, is magnified umpteen times.

So it's no surprise to see marital challenges between them. Especially this year.

What about Kate.

Her Destiny IS the Media Number 95/14/5 – very fitting. She Loves having cameras and crew around her. She wants to be a star. She loves the excitement, the action, the lights. In essence, being filmed makes her feel at home.

She also has an 8 Life Purpose, indicating she wants to hold the reigns. Notice the 8 reflects in her 8 children as well.

Her current name, ‘Kate Gosselin' is highly fortunate. However, her husband Jon's name is going to keep causing challenges for him.

I made this video for you to show you how Jon and Kate's current names are shaping their lives – especially in 2009. You'll also see how their current cycles are affecting them right Now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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