This morning I read about a shark
attack off the coast of Florida. Sadly, the 38-year-old
man, who was kite-surfing, unfortunately died from
his wounds.


His name was Stephan Schafer.


I don't have Schafer's birth
information, but looking at his current name gave me some important clues.


‘Stephen Schafer' adds up to 13/4
in the ancient Chaldean system I use to calculate your current name.


And 13 is not a fortunate name


That's because people with 13
names attract upheaval – here's a warning of the unknown and unexpected with this


kirstie alley.jpg

Another person with a 13/4 name is
‘Kirstie Alley.'


The actress became a household
name while co-starring on the TV show Cheers. By the way ‘Cheers' is a fabulous
23/5 name, tying directly into the Media number. So the title ‘Cheers'
certainly helped the show succeed worldwide.


As for Kirstie Alley, in the last
few years due to her burgeoning weight, the actress has not been working much.


Alley seems to be in a downward
spiral. Unfortunately her 13/4 current name isn't helping her.


13 is a aligned with power. When
the power is used for selfish reasons, it can bring destruction. This number is
also aligned with breaking the orthodox and being politically incorrect – and
so I refer to it as the ‘Genius' number.


Alley definitely has a whacky
personality. You never know what she'll say next, that's for sure.


In 2008 Kirstie announced she was
launching her new weight loss program. Unfortunately that was before she lost
any weight. Needless to say, the program has not launched – yet.


In 2010 Alley is activating her
Destiny Number 79/16/7.


The 16 explains how she got to the
top echelon as an actress, only to ‘fall from a high place.' So, since this
number is triggered for her in 2010, she has a chance to rise to the top again
– or experience a dramatic fall.


I hope it's the former.


I don't recommend anyone carry the
burden of a 13 name, like Kirstie Alley and Stephan Schafer. Life isn't worth
attracting unnecessary challenges.


Remember, the number that your
current name resonates to sets the stage for HOW your birth blueprint will
manifest. Will it be easy and effortless for you to express your gifts and
attract success – or will it be difficult.


Check your current name for a
quick and powerful answer to that question.


I'll make sure your name will
SUPPORT you and your goals, now and in the future.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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