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Lance Armstrong is in the news
again. No surprise this is happening during May, 2011 – a 9 Universal Month.


Lance's Birth Numbers are completely
dominated by the number 9.


1. Lance Armstrong was born on the
18th, a 9 Day of Birth.


2. He has a 36/9 Life Purpose
Number, based on all the digits of his birthday.


3. Lance's Essence Number – Month
and Day – is 18/9.


4. Lance's Year of Birth is 1971,
adding up to 18/9.


5. Lance's Destiny Number, based
on his birth name ‘Lance Edward Gunderson', is 90/9.


This remarkable series of 9's is
extremely rare.


What do all these 9s and 18/9s
mean? When expressed positively, 9 symbolizes the King of Numbers. 9 is the
final single digit, and thus holds all the other numbers within it.


Multiply any number by 9, and the
total ALWAYS reduces to 9. For example, 9 times 12 equals 108 and the digits in
108 add up to 9.


Add 9 to any number, and the sum
will ALWAYS reduce to the same root number. For example, 9 + 22 = 31. When you  add the digits in either 22 or 31, the
sum is the same –



9 looks like a body with a very
large head sitting on top. The head represents wisdom. As the ‘Humanitarian
Number', 9's special purpose is to raise humanity's consciousness with
compassion and love.


9's do this by being a role model.


Since 9's will be emulated by
others, whether they like it or not, 9's must always ‘walk their talk'.


When balanced, 9's are natural
leaders, who's very life teaches by example.


All 9's have a strong inclination
to follow something they believe in, and pursue it with tremendous ambition and


Here's the thing. 9's are perfectionists. They expect perfection
from themselves – and place these high expectations on others. The big lessons
for 9's is to learn to forgive, and to trust their inner wisdom. The wisdom is
always revealed in their Feelings – 9 lies in the 3-6-9 ‘Feeling' Triad of


A 9 person's greatest wish is to serve the world in some


When 9 is expressed negatively, he or she is overconfident, does not listen, has a larger than life Ego, lies, is
immoral, possessive, bitter and corrupt.


Negative 9's are critical of
others and feel ‘I can do no wrong – I am invincible.'


As for the other number in
Lance's Birth Blueprint – 18, it is the Christ Consciousness vibration,
reflecting the supreme heights of unconditional love and compassion. In the
negative, 18 reflects materialism destroying spirituality through divisive
tactics and deception.


Back in 2007 I wrote a newsletter
called ‘Did Lance Do It?'. Back then it was not popular to call Lance a liar,
but I did.


At the time, I was living in
Asheville, North Carolina and heard that Armstrong had just purchased a
prestigious condo up the hill from my house. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a
favorite training ground for U.S. cyclists.


So I checked out my soon-to-be
neighbor's numerology. Here is part of what I wrote –


‘Armstrong won the Tour de France, cycling's most
prestigious race, seven consecutive times from 1999-2005.


‘What makes this incredible feat more amazing is that he
battled and won an even more dramatic fight in 1996. Having been diagnosed with
testicular cancer, which spread to his brain and lungs, Armstrong's treatments
included brain and testicular surgery and extensive chemotherapy.


‘So how did he do it? And, more importantly – did he win
without the help of performance enhancing drugs.


‘Let me be clear before I answer. What you're about to read
is my simple opinion based on what I gathered on Lance and his numbers.


‘So here it goes. On the record.


‘I believe Lance Armstrong DID take performance enhancing


You can read the full article here.


Last night on CBS' news magazine
show '60 Minutes', Armstrong's teammate, former professional cyclist and Olympic
Gold-medal winning athlete Tyler Hamilton, stated reluctantly that Lance and he
had cheated.


It was a compelling interview.


Another cyclist, George Hincapie, who
has more credibility, because of his clean record and close friendship with
Lance has now also given testimony to the grand jury. It is Hincapie's
testimony that could signal the beginning of the end of Lance Armstrong's name
and his ‘Livestrong' brand.


Stunningly, ‘George Hincapie' has
an 18/9 current name number. Amazingly, ‘Tyler Hamilton' has a 45/9 current


Is it any ‘coincidence' that these
two former teammates are being exposed now – during a 9 Universal Month in the
year of Manifesting Truth, 2011?


This morning the Editor-in-Chief
of Bicycling Magazine, Peter Flax, said, ‘Lance was the greatest champion in a
very dirty era.' Flax continued by stating that we should all move on from
whether Armstrong doped or not.


Flax explained that Armstrong's
legacy is extremely complex.


Most of the cyclists Lance
competed against were doping. In fact, most of the podium winners during that era
have since been stripped of their titles.


As Tyler Hamilton explained on '60
Minutes' last night, if you didn't dope – you had no chance of competing with
the A-list guys.


Lance has expressed his multitude of 9's in a very complex


Armstrong's leadership and drive to succeed, as well as his
quest to help others, is indisputable. These are typical 9 qualities –
especially for someone like Lance, who ONLY has 9's in ALL his important birth


Yet, one important piece of the puzzle has been bringing him


His current name, “Lance Armstrong.'


‘Lance Armstrong' resonate to 12 – the ‘Victim' number. With
this name frequency, Lance either feel victimized or is the victimizer.


Amazingly, his brand name ‘Livestrong' ALSO resonates to 39
which adds up to 12.


It is no surprise that Lance's life has been filled with
tremendous obstacles. With his 9's he has been able to overcome so much. Yet,
he is lying about part of his life. Now, I'm sure he feels victimized – again.


In 2011, the year of walking though the 11 gateway in Truth
– these lies are being exposed. Not just for Lance. But for us all.


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Lance Armstrong could do so much
good by coming out and admitting that his era of cycling was the most
dope-infested ever.


By owning the Truth. And


By teaching us how the self-imposed
pressure to succeed can compromise integrity.


Lance Armstrong has a great
opportunity to walk through the 11 gateway right now. Yet, he must snap out of
feeling like a victim and first forgive himself. And forgive others. Then his
life will truly exemplify ‘winning against all odds.'  Where his victory is exemplified by a
total surrender to Love.


Just as importantly, I recommend
Lance change the spelling of his current name to ‘Lance Arrmstrong'.


Instead of his current highly
challenging 12/3 ‘Victim Number', this new spelling would allow his life to get
activated by the number 14/5 – a highly fortunate frequency.


His new spelling would help create
a tremendous shift. That's because, a fortunate name totally supports you in a
positive, uplifting way.


Your name is your most important
asset. Be sure your name supports you.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Tomorrow I am making an
important announcement.

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