Larry King is truly a king. His interview program on CNN is one of the longest running talk shows in history – over 20 years to be exact.
This weekend I was watching a clip of Fridays’ show where Larry interviewed Jerry Seinfeld. The verbal ‘beating’ Seinfeld gave Larry about the so-called cancellation of his successful ‘Jerry Seinfeld’ show, was classic Larry King stuff. Guests LIKE him. They’ll poke fun at him, like Seinfeld did. They are taken off guard and confide to Larry as if he’s their best friend.
Feeling emotionally comfortable allows Larry’s guest to reveal things about themselves other hosts would never be able to coax from them.
Larry King’s magic touch attracts guests who would not otherwise appear on any other show. Most people don’t know this, but King never prepares for interviews. He even bragged at one time that he never reads the books of authors who appear on the show.
He’s purely looking for a one-on-one emotional connection. His frank and no-nonsense approach to guests feels totally genuine and non-forced.
This relaxed non-confrontation is clearly confirmed by the number of his current name. Larry King adds up to 20/2 in the Chaldean system. 2 is all about turning points, decisions and relationships.
For someone who has given over 40,000 interviews in his life so far, these qualities are paramount to describing the reason for his success. As the host, he is faced with emotional turning points in his interviews all the time. He never knows ‘who’ is going to show up – the real person or the ‘celebrity version’ of his guest.
Using his intuition he senses when one or the other is speaking and helps to extract the real person behind the mask. He uses his decision-making skills to ask appropriate, down-to-earth questions.
20/2 is a symbol of communication and relationships. Forging an emotional bond with your guest is biggest key to a successful interview. And Larry is a master of this. He knows how to relax the person sitting across from him. He doesn’t care about pleasing them on a superficial level – which is why he doesn’t prepare for interviews. He just wants to connect.
Now, other people with a 20 name may not get the same successful results Larry has gotten.
There are two reasons for this. If your career doesn’t require the qualities of number 2, namely – communication, emotional bonds, adaptability and turning points in relation to others – you will not thrive under this vibration. Additionally, you’ll need a really good day of birth to create wealth. Because the 20/2 is not a wealth-creating number.
Larry King has that day of birth number – the 19. He can afford to have a name number that may not bring financial success, because his 19 is one of the luckiest vibrations there is. Plus, his 20 name is the PERFECT complement to his work.
Oh, and he’s been married seven times. You could definitely say he LIKES relationships…
Had Larry King kept a version of his given birth name, Lawrence Harvey Zeiger, he would not have come close to reaching the pinnacle of success. Larry King also sounds powerful without being over-powering. Key to getting guests on your show.
Numbers are alive. Some work miracles for one person, and not for another. The relationship of all your numbers creates the whole mental picture of who you are.
Picking a name that resonates with the positive picture you have in your head is crucial to making that picture go to work for you.
Your Personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint paints your picture with the greatest detail. And at the end of the report I help you choose the perfect name – a name in line with your Destiny and Life Purpose numbers. A name that allows you to let go of resistance and fly.
Why wait to discover what you’re here to accomplish. Go and claim the true source of your happiness.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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