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news from the stricken Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant in Japan is that three
reactors may be in full meltdown.


are two plants at Fukushima – 11.5 miles apart. One plant is called ‘Fukushima
Daini'. The plant crippled by the major earthquake and subsequent tsunami on
March 11, 2011 is named ‘Fukushima Dai-ichi'.


which celebrates its National Foundation Day on February 11, was in an 11
Personal Month in March 2011 when the earthquake struck.


11 is
a visible representation of a fissure – a division which must be made whole.


this case the number 11 is combined with another number. Together, these
frequencies create a potent catalyst for change. The number I am referring to
is 16/7.


name ‘Fukushima Dai-ichi' resonates to 16/7.


names that add up to 16 will attract unforeseen events – meaning a person or
business or country can reach great heights with this name, only to be cut
down. This cycle repeats over and over again.


takes on even greater importance when it appears more than once.


With the
names ‘Japan' and ‘Fukushima Dai-ichi' BOTH adding up to 16/7, the effect of
this number is magnified. Radiation in groundwater around the nuclear plant
have reached 10,000 times above safe standards. The health of many people is in


At the same time, humanity has an
incredible opportunity to awaken.


With 16/7 representing a lightning
strike, and 11 a gateway that you walk through to gain a brand NEW perspective
– we all can benefit and elevate our lives.


If our hearts and minds are not elevated
to match the technology created by our greatest scientists, then big challenges
will keep occurring in order to return us to balance.


Without elevated thoughts and compassion,
we have breakdowns in our relationships – our relationship with people, events
and our environment. Incredible technological advances will literally break
down too, IF the we are not Equally elevated spiritually.


Nuclear power is a very advanced
technology. Thus, nuclear power poses danger when put in the wrong hands. An
elevated mind would not have placed a nuclear reactor containing plutonium, the
deadliest substance known to man, on an active fault line. Only a greedy,
irresponsible mind would do such a thing.


Advanced technology must always be
created and used with responsibility. With wisdom.


The main message of number 11/2 is
to keep your life in balance.  Engage
your heart and mind.  Do not
separate them. Be fearless – and loving.


Our technology should never
enslave us, but elevate humanity to new levels of greatness. Our hearts must be
just as elevated as our minds in order to keep the balance.


This relationship is especially
potent in 2011.


The Fukushima incident brings us
all together. We are all interrelated. We are One. What happens in one place
will affect everyone and everything, everywhere.


Merge the two 1s – the two columns
of the 11 gateway. You will not be separated from anyone or anything. Act as if
you are not separate from anyone or anything. Notice how everything shifts.


Then be amazed at how you respond
to the world.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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