With traveling, wrapping, shopping and parties over the weekend and all – I figure it’s as good a day as any to delve into a couple of your questions.
The first one was on lots of people’s minds.
“Why do you think the name ‘Titanic' was so lucky for the movie and yet it was so unlucky for the ship. I'm just googling and it looks like Titanic the ship had a prefix of RMS.
“Thanks for your emails – they are always fascinating.”
Sean C.
You’re completely right Sean. If the Titanic hadn’t had the initials RMS preceding its name, there wouldn’t have been a movie in the first place. Because ‘RMS Titanic’ adds up to 28/1, a number of great contradictions.
On the one hand, 28 gives notice of great promise, even a genius quality. There is the POTENTIAL of great success. However, there is also a powerful opposing force within this number. So, even with success there is great danger from enemies. The opposing force can result from serious loss in courts of law – or acts of nature.
No need to remind you that the story of the RMS Titanic will be talked about forever. This talk COULD have been for the very reason it was built – an opulent ship that was deemed unsinkable. Instead…
The lesson for 28 is key for the RMS Titanic story. Namely. 28 warns of caution and more caution – always look before you leap. What more is there to say, except that this vibration had a great affect on the maiden journey of the RMS Titanic. Icebergs are hidden dangers. So ‘looking before leaping’ may have been impossible. The iceberg literally became the ‘enemy.’
As you can see, the difference between the highly fortunate number 19 for ‘Titanic’, which has no hidden dangers, and the number 28 for the ‘RMS Titanic’ are great indeed.
Next question. After yesterday’s newsletter on U.S. Presidents and current candidates who have Double Letters, many of you caught on to the importance of this phenomenon.
Jacqueline writes, “How about “LL” squared for Hillary and Rockefeller. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.”
Yes isn’t that the truth. This lucky double letter combo appears in many high-profile people’s names throughout history. Like Bill Gates, Teddy Roosevelt, Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt, CNN – the first worldwide newschannel created by Ted Turner who has a double T, Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Winston Churchill.
Not to mention all the celebrities and artists – like Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Steven Spielberg, Peter Sellers, Bette Davis, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Billy Crystal, Emma Thompson, Carol Burnett, Jessica Lange, Sissy Spacek, Sharon Stone, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Will Smith, Demi Moore, Mike Myers, Lucille Ball, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Robert Redford, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Cate Blanchett, Peter O’Toole, Daniel Day Lewis, Morgan Freeman, and Hillary Swank.
Well, you get my drift.
This final question illustrates what makes my approach to numerology so unique and powerful.
“Can you tell me the difference between 16/7 expression and 61/7 expression. Is there a difference.”
J. Downs
Oh yes, there is a difference. Though both have the 7 as their root number, the 61 is a peaceful and serene vibration. A person with this number is well-rounded, patient and a high achiever.
A person with 16 is magnetic and has a talent for writing and speaking. However, he or she will experience more trials and defeats than the calm 61. There is a sense of emotional conflicts leading to personal and professional losses with the 16. Rather than patience, there is impatience, since freedom is desired at all costs.
What 16 and 61 have in common is a quest for perfection and privacy and an interest in mystical subjects. Both benefit highly from silence and meditation.
Most other numerologists would have told you there is NO difference between these two numbers. Why. Because they will only look at the root number, in this case 7. But this is a great mistake. The way numbers relate to each other is has important as what they add up to.
It’s precisely why the blueprints I create for you are so unique, so detailed and so mind-blowing. There is no program out there, which can duplicate these blueprints. For one, I use double and triple numbers, which allows me to reach far deeper into your psyche, your tendencies and your future.
Then, there’s this little matter of importance. I create each blueprint from scratch after I tune into you.
It’s why these documents have changed people’s lives worldwide. So jump on over for YOUR ultimate discovery.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. I have six more slots open for you to receive your Blueprint by New Year’s. To receive yours in time, place your order right away.

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