It’s no secret that the current Venus retrograde (through April 15) is asking you to go really deep and get in touch with your true values… values that are totally transforming to open a deeper connection with Source.

Venus is reminding you: Life is NOT a dress rehearsal.

You want to always show up 100% ready to PLAY!

Venus LOVES to play, especially when it comes to creating love, beauty and abundance.

Most important, Venus reigns over two signs – Taurus and Libra.

Taurus encourages you to find value everywhere – beginning with loving YOURSELF, your self-worth, and valuing your resources.

Libra invites you to love OTHERS and appreciate them for what they have to share.

Both are invitations to immerse yourself in what is valuable and meaningful.

This give and take between valuing yourself and appreciating others is the universe expressing Love through you!

As you love and play with what makes you happy – that playfulness infuses your life with meaning. If you consciously seek out what you LOVE to do – you have saved your own life.

And when your life has meaning…

  • You will take risks to make your dreams come true.
  • You see risk as
  • You feel and experience the rewards of success and abundance in advance.
  • You don’t see failing at something as a bad thing at all!

Learning to crawl, stand up and eventually walk on the way to success is valuable feedback, helping to connect more neurons in the brain about what is necessary for further growth.

Venus retrograde is adding a lot of value to your life right now by giving you invaluable feedback about how you approach love and money.

The truth is…negative feedback can be the most valuable and groundbreaking!

Every negative experience you’ve ever had has given you clarity (if you listened) which HELPED you improve your life. So, from now on see every negative situation as especially useful to point you to a positive outcome.

And each time you make any adjustments, state what your intention is – do this throughout the day.

Clear intentions allow the FORCE to align within your Soul to move in one precise direction and manifest your vision.

Persist… Play and you'll Perceive the Light!

Before you know it, your life will automatically align you with your purpose.

Many Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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