While dining out last night, my friend’s teenage daughter asked me about Lindsay Lohan’s meltdown this year. So I scribbled Lohan’s name into a small notepad I carry around everywhere.
I immediately noticed two things.
Lindsay is experiencing one of the big ‘crisis’ numbers in numerology. For two years in a row, she’s feeling the 11 vibration.
I’m not talking about her personal year number, but the total number of her name’s letters for the years 2007 and 2008.
Lohan is in the midst of two straight years of an 11 Transit. It’s a time of intense learning. Most people feel like their life is undergoing an inner and outer earthquake of sorts. It can be a real emotional shocker. For example, Lindsay will feel extremely self-conscious during these two years. Not good, since she’s a celebrity who’s constantly being photographed and chased by paparazzi.
In a way, her escape into drugs and alcohol are not a surprise.
Lindsay is very young, and dealing with pressures most people couldn’t ever imagine. Her personality is undergoing a tremendous upheaval. This can be really scary, especially for a young celebrity.
Even emotionally and spiritually mature clients of mine who experience the 11 Transit will go through enormous, even shocking changes. Lindsay is in the process of getting to know All her shortcomings. This can be a very disturbing time, when delays, misunderstandings and feelings of loss are the norm – not the exception.
No surprise then that both the movies Lindsay has released this year flopped at the box office. She also had to relinquish leading roles for two films she’d initially accepted in order to focus on regaining her health.
Lohan has even decided not to return to Hollywood after her rehab. She knows full well how tempted she would be to return to her addictive habits, if she hung around her old party friends.
It’s likely Lindsay will relapse – unless she gets in real touch with her intuition. Once Lindsay finds her true inner voice, she’ll have a great opportunity to build a deep and lasting spiritual foundation. Then the 11 influence can be life-altering in a positive way. As it’s Meant to be.
Her 11 transit will ask Lindsay to self-examine her motives. She has to understand whether her work is aligned with her highest values. That’s always hard.
The best thing for her to do right now is to get in touch with nature. Taking long walks in the woods, in the mountains, or along the ocean would help to ground her. Then she’ll be able to lift herself up again, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.
There’s another strong vibration affecting Lindsay Lohan right now. It’s a Personal Year number each one of us will experience at least twice during our lifetime. This number is all about big transitions.
Aditionally, her name needs a new spelling. Right now Lindsay’s name is resonating to a Victim number.
I’ll explain Lindsay Lohan’s dilemma in detail at the start of my Teleseminar tomorrow evening. You’ll learn why her name may be sabotaging her future. Then I’ll be answering YOUR questions for most of the call. So sign up now – you won’t want to miss this two hour event.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Near the end of the Teleseminar I’ll be making a major announcement. Make sure you join today, while there are still a few spaces available.

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