William Jefferson Blythe, known to us as Bill Clinton, changed his name when he was a youngster. A change which cemented his destiny.
The number resonating to the name Bill Clinton describes him perfectly. First off, it sounds like a name of a man who wants to be approachable. That he was.
Watch Bill in a crowd, and you’ll always see him hugging, kissing and clasping every hand he possible could.
Secondly, the number vibration is all about freedom. It signifies someone who wants to do and try anything and everything. Someone who is constantly active and moving. And finally numerologically, the name Bill Clinton describes a person who is intensely emotional and romantic.
Clinton craved attention to the point of nearly destroying his presidency. Since his name vibration gives him a strong personal magnetism making him attractive to the opposite sex, he will always have plenty of candidates to choose from.
The operative word here is choose. And as the world knows, he turned the freedom vibration on its head and chose recklessness. He abused the meaning of ‘freedom’ in a fundamental way.
To figure out his take of truth and honesty, we have to look at his day of birth, 19 as well as his Life Purpose Number. In Ancient Egyptian Numerology, the number 19 resonates to Truth. In fact, the number 19 is all about, ‘What is hidden will be made manifest.’
Some people with this number definitely have an issue with telling the truth. And Bill Clinton took it to the ultimate level. He tried to keep what was hidden from manifesting for so long, I think he even started believing the lie.
As for his Life Purpose, it resonates to a Master number. And the flip side of this particular vibration is about immorality. Every number has a dark side, and in Clinton’s case, his mastery was abandoned for cowardice and deception.
When looking at these examples of someone acting out three separate numbers in a negative way, what becomes clear is a potent combo of utter recklessness, dishonesty and immorality. By activating all three in at once and ad nauseam, Bill created his recipe for disaster.
What if he had gone by the name William Clinton?
Well, I can vouch for the fact he would never have ended up in the mess he did. Why?
Because the name William Clinton vibration is all about stability, trustworthiness and responsibility. The negative side of this number would have been reflected as laziness and unproductiveness.
Also, the sound of William Clinton is totally different from Bill Clinton. It creates a distance, even a regal feeling. With Clinton’s inherent need for readily available social contact, this name would have created a conflict within him.
Shortened names have this affect in general. Contrast Jenny with Jennifer, or Mike with Michael, Jan with Janice or Dave with David.
Really what this all boils down to is this. In order to achieve the highest potential in EVERY area of your life, it is critical to understand the vibration of your name.
Everyone has one. But only few know how to use it. And whether their name fits who they want to be.
What do your name and birthday signify? Are you tapping into the incredible gifts available to you? Find out why your personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint is the key to unlocking your future.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. One good thing about famous people is that their lives are known to us. In fact their lives always prove the incredible accuracy of numerology. There’s something so pure, so precise about simple numbers. Once you know your numbers, you’ll never be the same again. Get the story on your name Now.

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