Loose weight 1.pngI have a theory when it comes to weight and your birth numbers.

From my research I see a certain pattern in many people who have a greater propensity to gain weight. My theory is that your birthday and birth name can matter when it comes to weight. So can your current name.

Here is an example of one numerology combination:

What do Oprah, Rosie O'Donnell, Sir Winston Churchill, John Candy, Marlon Brando, Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Al Roker and Luciano Pavarotti have in common?

They all have had weight issues.

In fact, their names share a common ingredient.

You may have noticed that all the celebrities listed above have at least one letter “O” in their name.

There is an essence of a grandness that comes with the letter “O”.

“O” is the 15th letter of the alphabet. 15 adds up to 6 (1+5=6). The number 6 symbolizes the cosmic parent, the nurturer, compassionate advisor, the one who easily takes on responsibilities.

Notice how the 6 even looks like a pregnant mother and contains has an “o” in it.

If you have an “O” in your name, or a 6 as one of your important birth numbers, you can be more prone than others when it comes to gaining weight.

That's because, with all the compassion 6 and “O” people feel, they can easily ‘take on' other people's emotions and ‘put on' weight. It's particularly important for these people to move emotional baggage with exercise, meditation and healthy food.

There are other numerology combinations that can attract weight gain – as with your current name, there are a specific set of rules to follow when gauging a person's birth name and birthday.

What matters most is that you pay attention to how you feel and how you look.

Demi Moore is a great example. She has a double “O” in her last name. Note how Demi is famous for paying meticulous attention to her diet and exercise regimen. She has to.

Famous examples of other celebrities who have had their weight issues:

Rosie O'Donnell not only has three “O's” but two 6's in her birth numbers.

Oprah has one “O” and a birth numbers combination that allows her to manifest easily – including weight.

Winston Churchill, with one “O” had a 6 Destiny Number.

John Candy had the Manifestation numbers 2-4-8 as his important birth frequencies and one “O”.

Marlon Brando had two “O's”.

Luciano Pavarotti had two “O”‘s and Manifestation birth numbers.

Chris Farley had two “O's” in his birth name.

John Goodman has three “O's” in his name.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has an “O” in Christopher plus two 6's and an 8 as his important birth numbers.

Aretha Franklin, born Aretha Louise Franklin, 26/8 Life Purpose (one “O”, and 8)

Jack Black, born Thomas Jacob Black (two “O'”s and ALL numbers in 1-5-7 triad)

Jackie Gleason, born John Herbert Gleason (Two O's, an 8 Life Purpose and 88 Destiny)

Queen Latifah, born Dana Elaine Owens (Last name begins with “O”)

Kirstie Alley = Kirstie Louise Alley (one “O” and a double 2 in important birth numbers – Destiny and Life Purpose)

Nick Frost = Nicholas John Frost (three “O's” and an 8 Destiny)

As I said, it is my theory that certain combinations of a person's important birth numbers attract a propensity for easier weight gain.

When calculating your best fortunate name there is a complex list of rules. The same goes for your birth numbers and weight gain. So, keep in mind there are other numerology combinations that can attract weight gain.

The thing is, it isn't easy to know which regimen to follow when you are ready to loose some extra pounds.

Especially since there is one component to weight gain, that has mostly been overlooked.

Until now.

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