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summer I checked into Lou Dobbs' current name. As a result last week's news of
his resignation from CNN was not surprising.


Dobbs has been with CNN for 30 years. He
resigned on 11.11.2009 – a 30 Personal Day for him. Very fitting, since 30/3
symbolizes self-expression and Dobbs was known most of all for expressing his


I'm not a TV news watcher – the ‘news' being
spoon-fed by big media outlets feels like programming to me. So when a
long-time reporter for CNN resigns, it catches my attention.


Lou Dobbs' whole career is in the spotlight this


That's because his Destiny Number, 53/8, is
being fully activated by his Personal Year 26/8. Issues of power and control
are common during 8 cycles, especially if 8 is an important number in your
birth blueprint.


Making a change during this big career year
couldn't have come at a better time for Dobbs than this month. 11 represents
new beginnings – notice he resigned on 11.11 – and November is ALSO a 1
Personal Month for him. So Double New Beginnings are being triggered for the
veteran news anchor.


As for his name – here's what I noticed a few
months back.


‘Lou Dobbs' adds up to 16/7 in the Chaldean
system I use for your current name. 16 symbolizes ‘a man with a crown on his
head being struck by lightning and falling from a high place.'


The way in which Lou Dobbs' 30-year stint at CNN
suddenly ended certainly fits that description. As does the symbolic ‘crown' on
his head.


So I definitely recommend, while he's making
changes to his life anyway, that Dobbs also change the spelling of his name to
a more fortunate number.



Speaking of names and dates, I noticed that the
disaster movie 2012 swept up tickets worldwide this past weekend. 225 million –
the biggest opening for a non-franchise movie ever.


2012 was released on November 13, 2009 – perfect
for this movie. 13 can represent sudden upheaval and the full date adds up to
17/8 – the powerful, wealth-generating ‘Immortality Number.'


The title ‘2012' reduces to 5 symbolizing crowds,
adventure and the media. So the huge ticket sales and popularity of 2012 are
not surprising.


Will I go see it? No. This is Hollywood's
version of 2012, not mine.


Numbers have a major influence on you personally and on the
world at large. Knowing what your personal numbers mean gives you incredible
advantages. There is ONE number you have control over. This number activates
your whole blueprint positively or negatively. Your current name.


Yes, the name you are using now has a profound effect on
your life. See what your current name symbolizes now.

Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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