Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we celebrate Love…

What a great day to remember our relationship to everything, to every part of Life.

Love, sex, money and God are the cornerstones of living. All involve an energy exchange between you and another.

Your relationship with everyone and everything determines who you are. If you can’t relate to people and things, you can’t create or understand your role in that relationship.

Maybe you’re wondering – how are love, sex, money and God related?

All involve being the Creator of your life.

Let’s look at money for a moment. Most people earn money by doing something they don’t love. Work feels hard and takes a lot out of them. At the same time, we have been made to feel guilty about life’s pleasures. About the very things we want most.

No wonder we’re fighting wars and lie in judgment of others. We’re afraid to let go and let Happiness in.

Love and abundance are FEELINGS. Their presence or absence in your life depends on what you choose for yourself.

What do you want most?


Here is a secret:

Love everything you want in life. And it will be drawn to you.

CHOOSE to feel pleasure, joy and abundance – and you will experience them!

We have been raised NOT to feel personally gratified. We have been raised to feel guilty if life feels awesome and good!

That is a definition of insanity.

So, one of our biggest challenges is allowing love and sexuality into our lives.

Did you know that embracing your own sexuality activates your creativity? And no, you don’t have to be in an intimate relationship to feel sexual.

The joy of loving another person begins by loving yourself first.

Feeling happy, feeling pleasure allows you to share happiness and pleasure with others.

Don’t deny yourself the things that bring you pleasure.

Creativity and sexual expression are interrelated. Both create an extraordinary rhythmic energy flow.

This brings up an interesting point about our teachings on Creation.

When you think of the Creation Story of most any human culture, you know there is a male Deity who is separate from us humans and angry at us for not doing as He asks.

Hmm, is it a wonder then that we try to solve so many conflicts with anger, impatience and violence?

Humans have a hard time loving themselves (let alone each other) because they have been told they are separate from God. They think they have to learn their lessons and earn their way into heaven.

What if we changed that paradigm!

Have you noticed that a person who is happy, at peace and spiritually nourished feels much too worthy to attack another? Because he/she knows we are all ONE. We are not separate. That is an illusion. The truth is we all come from one source. As the Michael Jackson song says, “We are the World”.

The Creation story introduced the concept of aloneness and isolation. Feeling alone makes us want to defend and protect ourselves from perceived outside negative forces.

And this is the approach we bring to our relationships.

However, in 2012, we can shift this perception of isolation and fear, separation and conflict.

2012 = 5 and 5 symbolizes fearlessness, change, joy and freedom.

No matter what someone else thinks, does, feels, wants, is or says, no matter what energy someone else is sending out – all you focus on is what YOU are being in relation to the other person. Let each person worry about himself – what she herself is doing.

That is the true meaning of freedom. Allowing another to do as they wish.

Your life revolves around what YOU are, do, feel, want, think and say.

If you focus on your own spiritual, emotional, mental and physical nourishment, on your own happiness, you will never loose yourself in a relationship. You will never join another because you are lonely.

Those who focus on getting nourishment from outside of themselves because they feel separate and incomplete, enter a relationship in order to complete themselves – and this is where the problems really begin. Because then you have to give up who and what you are in order to be a couple.

If your first relationship is to your self, honoring your self, feeling blessed, feeling happy – then you will see others as blessed too.

What you do for YOU, you do for OTHERS.

You and the other are ONE.

At no other time during our lives is this more important than in 2012.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Leo December 23, 2012 at 9:19 am - Reply

    Thank you Tania for making my life more positive with the work that you do and the love that you share.

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