Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.21.53 AMThis is a question I get all the time when I give out an interview or I'm on a radio show, and also on my private one-on-one consultations.

Is Love REALLY Measurable ?

Astro-Numerology enables us to use an accurate, scientific method to measure compatibility in any partnership and even predict it’s long-term outcome.

When you join with another person, two very interesting things happen:

  • Your Numbers form a vibrant NEW code
  • Your Planets connect to each other in an intricate dance

The sacred geometry between a couple’s astro-numerology codes paints a clear picture of harmony… or disharmony.

And YES, Compatibility is measurable! The bond between two people is made VISIBLE in your love code!

Also made visible is the likelihood and amount of tension. Some tension is actually highly beneficial in any relationship.

But too much tension creates an imbalance, communication issues and misunderstandings.

One indicator of tension in astrology are close 90 degree ‘squares’ between a personal planet – like the Sun or Moon – with the partner’s natal Pluto. This dynamic interaction eventually leads to major power struggles, something that is inevitable down the road.

Let me give you an example…

Heidi Klum and Seal had this configuration. Not just once – but twice.

Heidi Klum’s natal Pluto lies 90 degrees from Seal’s natal Moon, while Seal’s Pluto ALSO lies 90 degrees from Heidi’s natal Moon. This “reverse mirroring” of the SAME challenging interaction magnifies what already is a big double whammy of tension between power (Pluto) and feelings (Moon).

This is a strong indicator of a shorter term, intense partnership, unless there are some truly wonderful other harmonious interactions to outweigh the tension.

But Seal’s Pluto also forms a 90 degree square to Heidi’s natal Sun as well.

So, even though they have many harmonious interactions between them, eventually something was going to trigger a power struggle in their relationship – throwing their emotional equilibrium out of balance.

This challenge happened in 2011.

In early 2011 transiting Uranus – the planet of freedom, surprises and sudden change – triggered a tense 90-degree ‘square’ to Seal’s natal Moon.

The Moon in a man’s chart represents the mother, then his wife, and the connection to home.

So, when Uranus formed this challenging aspect to Seal’s Moon back in April 2011, his breakup with Heidi came rather quickly. The nurturing feelings between them shifted suddenly, and in a surprising way.

Can you see what happened here?

For any compatibility reading there are many interconnections, ratings, and measurements to be made – not just between the couple, but for each person individually

Another measure of a couple’s compatibility is revealed in a rating of their harmonious and inharmonious connections. This rating is done using a specific numeric scale.

Then there is the partnership Numerology compatibility – how do your numbers’ codes interact?

As you can imagine, there’s a lot that goes into measuring the energy exchange between two people who are partners.

I love exploring the mysteries of a couple’s intricate dance!

And I want YOU to benefit from this most empowering reading – where your own unique personal love code and the code you share with your partner is brought to light in a way you have never experienced before.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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