Discover The Secret Power Of Your Name

How To Change Challenging Names Into
Fortunate Ones…

Your current name emits a powerful frequency, revealing how easy or difficult it is for you to manifest the gifts in your birthday and birth name.

Now, for the first time, you can learn how to calculate ANY name and discover if it naturally attracts wealth, fulfillment and success - or NOT, and HOW to fix challenging names.

Dear Conscious Creator,

Did you know that your current name carries a fortunate OR challenging meaning?

Every person on Earth uses a specific current name. After analyzing and supporting thousands of clients around the world, I have found that most people come to me with a name that adds up to a difficult number, attracting unnecessary challenges and stress, instead of an effortless life of joy.

Your current name either injects positive reinforcements and support into your life - or attracts distracting, recurring obstacles.

Or it just plain SLOWS DOWN the progress you COULD be making!

You are born with beautiful natural gifts. These are imprinted in your astro-numerology birth blueprint – your spiritual DNA Code. Your current name ALSO emits a frequency, a “spiritual calling card”, which is either making it easy or not so easy for you to fulfill the promise in your birth code.

This is why you want to make sure your current name resonates to a supportive and positive number.

Fortunately, you can change your name, if it’s not fortunate!

Anyone has the capacity to change their name. You can learn how to do this for yourself – and help others to a better life as well !

The remedy is simple.

 Usually, all it takes is to add, subtract or change one letter…

 Amazing, but true.

Let me ask you a question...

  • Are you interested in learning how to calculate anybody’s name – and make it fortunate?
  • Do you want to help yourself and others to instantly live a more fulfilled, abundant, effortless life?
  • Are you curious about manifesting greater wealth by using this secret knowledge to create highly fortunate business names – for websites, products, event names, book titles – that infuse positive energy into your career?
  • Now you can!

A Special Invitation For You!

I have created a brand new, step-by-step online training course that will allow you to instantly access the “Secret Power of Your Name”.

This course includes a “done-for-you” name calculator that only you and other members can use! You'll have access to groundbreaking tools so that you don't have to calculate any letters, individual names or birthday codes, and make FULL and QUICK use of this powerful program!

 There is a specific set of rules you MUST follow. To make sure that you are secure and confident every step on the way, I have created an easy to follow, step-by-step program that will teach you how to read and fix any name.

fade-leftfade-rightBeginner's-Friendly Notice

  • ** You DO NOT NEED to have ANY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE in Numerology to benefit fully from this training! **

So… are you ready? Here is what you will learn!

Module One - Golden Rule 1: Double Digits

Discover why your current name carries the key to manifesting a joyous, successful life. Learn how to calculate individual names first and then the total name number using the powerful online current name calculator tool on our private membership page. Discover the First Golden Rule of Name calculation – the Double Digit Rule! Included: List of fortunate and challenging name numbers.

Module Two: Golden Rule 2: Master Numbers

Dive deeper into the sacred name creation process with the Second Golden Rule. Learn the guidelines for adding “Master Numbers”. Discover how to approach prefixes in last names (such as Mc, De, El and St.) Includes several case studies.

Module Three: Golden Rule 3: Special Birthdays

Some people have a Birthday Code that demands special requirements. Learn the secret remedies for the “4 and 8 Special Birthday Rule”, which will amaze you once you recognize its powerful effect on people’s lives. This module alone will help so many of your friends, family and clients!

Module Four: Golden Rule 4: Names resonating to 10, 15 and 17

Fortunate Name Numbers 10, 15 and 17 have their own unique guidelines. In the Fourth Golden Rule you will discover who should and should not use these fortunate name numbers. Also learn the important “Say, See and Sign” guidelines for AFTER a name is changed. Plus, what to do if someone has more than one current name – like a middle initial on credit cards that is not used in daily life.

Module Five: Complete Definition of All 51 Name Numbers

In Module 1 you received the list of fortunate, challenging and neutral name numbers. Now discover the 51 Definitions (compiled from my private and personal library) which detail the meaning of every name frequency. You will treasure the information in this module - and use it for a lifetime!

Module Six: Calculate Fortunate Business Names and Full Review

In this final lesson discover how to calculate fortunate Business Names (websites, products, book titles, etc). Plus we’ll go through a FULL review of the 4 Golden Rules! Extensive case studies will be given throughout the course.

  • By the end of the Secret Power of Your Name online training, you will be able to not only calculate any current name for a person or entity, but also offer professional-level readings to paying clients, if you choose to!

What comes with the “Secret Power of Your Name” Program?

  • Receive instant access to Module One as soon as you register for the course. I will deliver one new webinar every three days for six total videos.
  • You will also receive downloadable PDFs of the all Powerpoint Slides for each Webinar. (Print these out for a fabulous and handy reference tool!)
  • Get 24/7 access to the powerful Current Name and Birthday calculators

The complete training tools, materials and webinars are contained in a private, members-only, password protected membership site. This means you have access to the complete program online - OR you can download it to your iPad, your iPhone, your iPod and just learn on the go.

Regular Price: $299

Your Investment TODAY: $199

One Single Payment of $199


2 Monthly Payments of $117

You’ll be able to access Module One of the training INSTANTLY after checkout.

PLUS, you are also entitled to the following bonuses !

RECORDING of Q&A Teleseminar Call with Tania

After you have watched and digested all six weeks of lessons for the Secret Power of Your Name online training program, you'll get access to a 90-minute Q&A Teleseminar Call where participants asked me any question about the course and I answered LIVE and in person! This Q&A Bonus Call was recorded and will be available to you after Module 6, with 24/7 access on the membership site.

BONUS # 2: “Secrets of Syllables” Bonus Webinar! (Value: $147)

Discover what the number of syllables in each of your names says about you! Imagine instantly reading friends and strangers, without even knowing their birthday! A one-syllable name means something quite different than a name with two syllables. You will learn the meaning of each 1 through 9-syllable name (yes, they exist in some cultures!), for a fascinating journey into a secret subject…“Secrets of Syllables” Bonus Webinar will be delivered with Webinar 6.

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My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to know, I stand firmly behind everything I offer.

If for ANY reason you don’t feel like the information I’ll reveal in the Secret Power of Your Name program is not worth the low price you paid, just send me an email in the following 6 days telling me – and I’ll refund your money right away !

That means, you have fifteen full days to view the online training, take notes, use my exclusive tools, calculate and analyze some names… and THEN decide if you want to keep access and receive the rest of the Modules.

It’s totally risk-free. You have nothing to loose! In fact, the risk is on me!

Regular Price: $299

Your Investment TODAY: $199

One Single Payment of $199


2 Monthly Payments of $117

You’ll be able to access Module One of the training INSTANTLY after checkout.

P.S. Remember, you receive private access to TWO “done-for-you” calculators (for names and birthdays) as soon as you register!

P.P.S. If you act now, you’ll also get access to the special bonus "Power of Syllables" webinar!

Love and Blessings,


Tania Gabrielle