Tania Gabrielle's 2016
Wealth Generation Mentoring Program

Are you ready to leverage the 2016 Royal Code of Wealth, Wisdom and Leadership in your professional and personal life?

Dear Conscious Creator,

Are you ready for the most amazing 12 Months of Wealth Creation ever?Gold-Coins-psd97937

2016 promises to be an incredible year of abundance and prosperity as you unleash your inner "Royal Code" - especially if you know how to implement the principles of wealth into your life and are vibrationally aligned to attract abundance.

And that means using your birth code at the right time and for the right reasons…

Manifesting wealth doesn’t just happen. It is a byproduct of deep release work, recognition of Who You Are at a soul level and the knowledge to manifest the highest vibrational aspect of your code.

If there was ANY moment in your life to do this with greater ease and universal support than before, it is NOW.

wmp1Shifting from a so-so, average existence into one that consistently brings you joy and blissful experiences, happiness and fulfillment, that is a life of True Wealth!

For one, when you attract abundance from the perspective of joy and fulfillment, you feel immense kindness and love because you’re aligning to everything and everyone from perspective of LOVE, not ego, in order to implement wealth. This gives you BOTH the peace of mind and abundance that most people (rich or not) lack in their lives.

If you are ready to implement your inner riches, gifts from the depths of your heart, into the kind of wealth that uplifts and blesses you and everyone around you, then you have come to the right place...

You’re invited to join the …

Wealth Generation Mentorship Program

 Unlock Your Personal Code to Manifest Wealth
With Joy and Fulfillment



You have a birth code.

Your birth code is revealed in your birthday, your birth name and the sacred geometry of your natal astrology chart.

Your code is alive Right NOW.

It reveals the potential of your FUTURE.

When you understand how your personal birth code is activated now and SOON, you have all the tools at your disposal to manifest true, meaningful and lasting abundance.

"I will be there every step of the way to reveal the mysteries and magic as your code unfolds over the next 12 months."

This Wealth Generation Mentorship Program is for you if …

  • You are pro-active and eager to create a more abundant life for yourself. If you do not intend to invest time in a new financial and soul-fulfilling reality for yourself, then this program is not for you.
  • You are committed to wealth generation arising from a deep urge for fulfillment. If you can’t commit at this core level of translating your purpose into prosperity, then this program is not for you.
  • You want guidance on WHEN to implement your financial goals and are OPEN to receive that guidance. If you don’t want support and are closed to the powerful foreknowledge provided by your Personal Code, then this program is not for you.

This Wealth Generation Mentoring Program is ALSO aligned to you, if …

  • You’re not sure about which direction to head career-wise.
  • You need direction on how to turn your birth promise and destiny into a lucrative vocation.
  • You tried using other professional and personal development programs to leverage your passion, but haven’t much to show for it.
  • You already know what your greatest passion is, but need support and guidance with crafting a strategy to manifest wealth.
  • You have been searching for that ONE thing that will bring you fulfillment, and have not found it yet. You are ready for the most amazing journey of your life.
Elaine Wright

"I just had to tell you how grateful I am. Because of you and your WGMP group I have found new friends! Because of you I can identify my almost daily creative downloads. Because of you I have 2 new product lines in development!"

Elaine Wright

How We’ll Work Together


You’ll know very quickly that I view everything from the perspective of energetic resonance. It is the musician in me! During our year together you will get many opportunities to recalibrate your vibration as I show you how to leverage your personal code from both a practical and energetic perspective .

You will be supported every step of the way as you unlock your gifts and learn when to apply them in a real, practical way. Abundance naturally follows persistent attention on that which brings you joy.

Working with me consistently over the next year will give you the tools and breakthrough moments you need to access your soul-code and translate your gifts into lasting fulfillment.

  • Every month we will get together, when you join me and other members via livestream video online! This is as close as it gets to being in the same room together, without having to travel.
  • I will do in-depth reading, mentoring and coaching work with eight to ten members every month, while everyone benefits from the highly relevant content. You’ll actually see your personal astro-numerology maps up on the screen while I guide you through all your professional and personal questions.
  • Each livestream webinar includes time for Q&A.
  • These interactive livestreams also allow me to visually share time-sensitive wealth tips and fortunate windows of time in the universal astrology charts and codes - so you can leverage and plan your life with confidence.
  • Everyone will have the opportunity to be in the “hot seat” several times a year, so we can do in-depth work together.
  • NO TOPIC is off limits! I will be there to guide you through your personal and professional life as it unfolds every month.
  • You will have access to video and audio replays of all the monthly livestreams, so you can watch and listen on the go!
  • Our two 2-Day Live Retreats are an opportunity for us to meet, for you to connect with the other fabulous members in the group (powerful friendships are created here), for you to receive special new wealth content, wealth forecasts and handouts, and experience LIVE one-on-one mentoring with me!

Our twelve Live Monthly Interactive Webinars will allow you to …

  • Uncover and clear restrictions that are blocking the flow of abundance in your life.
  • Know exactly how your CURRENT cycles are shifting you and WHEN to leverage those moments.
  • Evaluate your new ideas and projects for their potential financial results – this alone will save you a lot of agony and disappointment while enabling you to move faster and with greater confidence.
  • Energetically transcend challenging relationships that are creating blocks to your financial abundance.
  • Get crystal clear on how your personal code is always helping you grow and expand right NOW - even when it seems sometimes like the opposite is true!
Wendy Woodworth

"The women here are absolutely amazing! We have connected on a soul-to-soul level... That experience alone was worth it. I am realizing that the path that I’ve taken is now the path that I should be on.

I would absolutely recommend this program. It is more than what I even imagined it could be. The connections are invaluable. But the content... I really, really love the content! It gave me a number of AHA moments that I’m definitely taking away and jumping on as soon as I get back home.”

Wendy Woodworth

Here's What's Included

Monthly 2-Hour Interactive Coaching LIVESTREAM Webinar

(Value: $2,400)

Once a month, we will all get together LIVE online for two hours for your questions so you receive clarity and guidance to help you plan and implement with precision and confidence.

These virtual seminars are designed to support you throughout the year to help clear your blocks and map out your monthly wealth and fulfillment goals.

I want to be there with you every step of the way! All of these interactive webinars will be recorded, just in case you can’t be there “live” or want to review the material again.

One 2-Day LIVE Retreat

(Value: $3,000)

There is nothing like getting together in the same room with like-minded people who are as joyful and committed to fully living their purpose as we are! Once a year we will meet for a retreat in Los Angeles. This meeting will be recorded on audio, so you can reference all the material if you cannot make the live meeting.

August 5 & 6, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA
"Your Divine Soul Currency: Tapping into Your Royal Abundance Code"

Exclusive Access to the WGMP Private Facebook Page

(Value: $997)

Having a community online that supports each other is so important. Your peers will be there with you and for you as you move powerfully into a life of true abundance. I will support you on this private group page as well, so we can connect in between the monthly livestream mentoring webinars. You will join with other like-minded Wealth Generation Mentoring Program members who cheer you on, applaud your progress and love you for who you are through the challenges and triumphs.

Is My Name Fortunate? Report

(Value: $197)

Over the course of the year use this Fortunate Name Report to help you name events, products, websites, book titles or to check in with possible personal or business partnerships, employees, lawyers or other service professionals to see if they are a good match. Or you may have a family member who could really benefit from having their current name checked.

When You Register Today, You Also Get
These FREE Bonuses


Your Next 12 Months Blueprint

(Value: $297)

Discover how your Personal Birth Code is mapped out over all the next twelve months in this personalized forecast. Your Next 12 Months Blueprint also includes a special list of your Most Fortunate Personal Days for EACH month, so you can plan your important events with confidence! An invaluable document to help you manifest abundance and success!


"How to Manifest Wealth Using The Law of Opposites" 

Video Training  (Value: $397)

In this one-hour webinar you will discover the powerful Law of Opposites, which is active in your life every day. How can you use this powerful natural law to ATTRACT – not REPEL – wealth? This video training is designed to give you a fast abundance breakthrough. It is created specifically to help you manifest wealth quickly, so you can shift your feelings about money from a lack to envisioning infinite opportunities. (Receive INSTANT Access Now!)

NEW Fast-Action Bonus!
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One Private 30-minute Astro-Numerology Reading

(Value: $497)

Get on the phone with Tania for your complimentary consultation! This personal Astro-Numerology reading will incorporate your whole birth code, current and forecast cycles. Bring anything and everything to the table! Your one-on-one reading may be scheduled at any time during the next 12 months.

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Payment Plan:$287$24712 Payments of $247

Experiences From Our Members

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I can’t imagine making it any easier for you to invest in your wealth and prosperity and live your dream...

I am so excited to work with you and support you as you step into your ultimate fulfillment as an Abundant Being so that we join together to raise the consciousness on this planet!

Dedicated to Your Wealth and Happiness,

Tania Gabrielle


Questions about the Program?

Q. Do I have to be a business owner or entrepreneur to join the Wealth Generation Mentoring Program?

A. Though it certainly helps to have access to a self-created income stream which entrepreneurship provides, it is not necessary to be a business owner to benefit from this program. The repatterning and re-awakening process that you will experience in this program is both deeply personal and professional. In fact it must BEGIN on a personal level in order to leave a lasting, visceral impact – the area most neglected in other abundance creation programs that you find online.

Q. If I own my business, will you be sharing money making strategies in this program?

A. I mentor online and offline business owners in my one-on-one VIP Program and naturally will mentor you to help you strategize your new programs. However, I will not dissect your business and give you a step-by-step implementation plan to launch a new program or website. What I WILL do is offer all my resources in all other aspects, including giving you the most fortunate days for your launches and events, names for your programs and products, help with ascertaining the harmony of team members, partners, addresses, and many other ways to personally use the amazing wealth astro-numerology lineup in 2015 to implement your business goals.

Q. Are you going to teach us how to use astrology and numerology to help manifest wealth?

A. No, this program is designed specifically for you to receive MY expert guidance in all wealth-related areas of your life. You don’t need to know a thing about numerology or astrology. However, if you do – it will be an extra bonus, because you will learn how I apply these two sister divination arts in a deeply personal and practical way to enhance and elevate lives.

Q. I recently ordered a “Your Next 12 Months” Blueprint. Will these two Blueprints overlap?

A. No, this new 'Your Next 12 Months' blueprint will begin where you current one ends and cover the 12 months AFTER your current blueprint.


Jen Duchene

"I love working with Tania. I think she’s brilliant. She uncovers your truths... she makes these connections that light you up. What’s so valuable is that Tania talks from the moment. She’s experienced all or many of the things that I myself am going through. She makes it very real, she’s very personable, very approachable, very warm.

“Working with a group is so powerful because you get to connect with people on such a deep level. It’s just so expansive - your heart, mentally and emotionally. The idea that we all move together, that we have a group of women that can understand each other, that we can trust and really grow with.

“There is that feeling of, almost like family. It’s not like somebody who is ‘above’ you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. It’s very exciting and propels you forward! If you want to move forward and get off the fence, then Tania is a wonderful example of someone who really shares her wisdom in a way that helps you move forward and expand who you are.”Jen Duchene

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For a short time only you can save $500 during our
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ENROLL NOW - $2497$500 Early Bird Discount


Payment Plan:$287$24712 Payments of $247

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