It's been cold around the U.S. Surprising snow in Galveston, Texas and New Orleans last week. Ice storms and blizzards in New England and the Midwest. Snow in Las Vegas and Southern California.

Surprising events are to be expected in a 13/4 Universal Month like we have now in December.

Other surprises are coming in both politics and Wall Street. I've already written about the Rod R. Blagojevich saga, which is long from over.

Another surprise I've talked about is Caroline Kennedy's sudden interest in public service. Two weeks ago on my radio show I revealed how awesome her current cycles are and predicted she has a great chance to get Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.

Now that possibility seems to be coming true.

Here's another New York story that's been in the news. Bernard Madoff.

Let's start with his current name. He's known as ‘Bernie Madoff' and ‘Bernard Madoff.' Bernard Madoff adds up to 53/8 showing how he could amass a fortune. ‘Bernie Madoff' is a 52/7 – the same hugely challenging number that ‘Rod R. Blagojevich adds up to. This combo is highly explosive.

On top of that, he's in a 25/7 Personal Year right now. The 25/7 activates his 52/7 name even more. Consider that Blago just turned 52 and has a 52/7 name. See how these numbers relate to each other.

Here's Madoff, the former head of NASDAQ, ripping off very wealthy individuals and businesses around the world.

I figured I'd find some numbers indicating Madoff knows how to put on an act. As it turns out he has a 9 Life Purpose and a 9 Destiny. First of all, a Double 9 often indicates abundance as well as leadership. But it also explains how his success inflated his Ego.

As Madoff amassed more and more wealthy banks, corporations and high powered individuals as clients and ‘invested' their funds – Madoff's ego grew at an alarming rate.

Then he also has two 6s and a 3 in his Personal Numerology Blueprint. This explains how he was able to put on such a good show.

Five of his six birth numbers are on the emotional and feeling side. This is what performers thrive on. No wonder he's been called one of the best social networkers in America.

It takes some good acting chops to be a con man. Madoff has the numbers to support his Ponzi scheme.

Amazingly, the FDIC knew about his scheme. They received several tips about Madoff. Including a tip from a client of mine who pulled out investments in 2003 after her firm could not obtain an audit. The FDIC chose not to do anything. For decades. This is because it's very common on Wall Street to act like Madoff did.

Consider that Bernard Madoff's scheme was completely sanctioned by banks and brokerage firms.

The Security and Exchange Commission has been protecting crooks. Of course, part of the open-ended bailout funds provided by you and me are going to help these people and their corporations.

I just read that Bernard Madoff's wife Ruth is now under investigation as well. I'm not surprised. Her current name is challenging too.

‘Ruth Madoff' adds up to 13/4 in the ancient Chaldean system. Though it signifies genius, this name number also guarantees sudden and fateful events.

Your current name is the activator of your entire Personal Numerology Blueprint. So you definitely want to make sure YOUR name resonates to a Fortunate Number.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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