Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 9.48.59 AMRecently a man made headlines for a major settlement he received for being wrongfully locked up in solitary confinement.

Every story has a numbers code embedded – in the name, date, birthday, cycles and other amounts or tallies.

Steven Slevin’s experience was triggered by a very specific number.

He was locked up for 22 months.

Federal Court awarded him $22 million for his 22 months of mistreatment in the New Mexican Detention Center.

I noticed too that he is now 59 years old – a number that adds up to 14 (Media Number resulting in his story being widely reported). Most importantly 14 reuduces to the ‘root number’ 5.

5 rules Freedom – which the large settlement seeks to give him.

The other number that pops out, of course, is 22 – as in 22 months and $22 million.

22 is a master number indicating trials and tests to help you grow – in this case to experience Peace on a deep level.

So what really struck me is how his current name ties into the number 22/4

“Stephen Slevin” adds up to 13/4 – directly activating number 22 since both reduce to 4.

For most people 13/4 names are very difficult. Though a 13 name helps you to ‘think outside the box’, this name frequency also attracts upheaval and deals with all levels of power, the misuse of which results in destruction.

As a result Slevin’s incarceration encapsulates the unexpected upheaval (no trial, relatives didn’t know what happened to him because he was driving across the country in a borrowed car).

He also experienced the nightmarish power wielded by officials in Doña Ana over him.

The high settlement also ties into the unexpected nature of his 13 name – it is the largest civil rights prisoner payout in American history.

Even without knowing Slevin’s birthday or birth name, his current name gave me plenty of clues about his life.

Names are energetic calling cards.

Your name emits a very specific frequency.

If your name spelling is challenging – meaning the letters of your name add up to a number that is not supporting you, but causing unnecessary obstacles and pain – fortunately you can do something about it!

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Much Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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