I read a story this morning that makes me both laugh and wince – about a man with 4 names.

Dr. Richard J. Batista is a Long Island surgeon embroiled in a nearly 4-year divorce. Thing is, he donated one of his kidneys to his wife before things turned sour. Now he wants it back. Or 1.5 millyon in compensation.

As if that will solve anything.

I don't have any info on Dr. Batista except his four current names. As usual, they explain a lot.

He is referred to in the media alternately as ‘Richard Batista', ‘Dr. Batista' and ‘Dr. Richard Batista.' All three add up to very challenging numbers.

I did some further more research and found him listed as ‘Dr. Richard J. Batista' in a doctors' log – a 23/5, so at least one of his four names is fortunate. Even so, he has a lot of obstacles, which have now become very public. In fact, he admits it was his choice to go public yesterday because he's so frustrated.

No wonder. Two of his names reduce to 4. Yesterday you saw how this number affected actor Simon Baker for many years as well, before he changed to a fortunate name. Dr. Batista has a 13/4 and a 22/4 current name.

The third of his many current names adds up to 16/7.

With this kind of recipe he must be very cautious. It's a potent combination signifying major disruption.

Unfortunately, his estranged wife, ‘Dawnell Batista' has a 16/7 current name as well. 16 indicates a fall from a high place – something they are now both experiencing.

I suggest first of all that Dawnell change her name immediately. She had two failed kidney transplants before her husband gave her one of his. This all occurred while she was known as ‘Dawnell Batista.'

On another note, look at how Obama's name was active today.

He gave a big economic stimulus speech this morning. Note that it's January 8. ‘Barack Obama' adds up to 17/8. And 8 symbolizes overcoming hurdles, leadership, strength and all m'oney related matters. He'll certainly need strength as he enters his new life as President.

8 is an important number for Obama, not only because of his current name, but also since he's born on the 4th. 4s and 8s have a magnetic and fateful attraction that is a unique phenomenon in numerology.

The fact that he spoke on an 8 Day is therefore significant.

Of course Obama's name changes to ‘President Obama' in less than two weeks too. More on that very soon.

Many people have two or more current names. You might add a middle initial in some places or shorten your first name in others. It's best to only have one, fortunate version. That way you're constantly activating ONE great number.

Every time you introduce yourself, sign your name, and see it written out – you trigger your name's vibration.

So trigger all that's good and helpful to you by ensuring your name is fortunate.

Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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