Dallas Wiens.pngDallas
Wiens is an amazing man.


November 13, 2008 he had a very bad accident, which left him without a face. He
was deeply burned when a cherry picker he was standing on was brushed by a
power line.


spent three months in the hospital in Dallas, Texas, before waking up.


has had 22 surgeries on his face. Yet, even without a face, he went out to
restaurants and coffee because his friends encouraged him not to become a
recluse. Dallas says that, because of his ordeal he has become closer to his
now 4-year-old daughter and his family and he credits his transformation to
making him a better father.


March, Dallas Wiens was the first recipient in the world to receive a full face


In a 15-hour surgery
with 30 specialists at Brigham and Womens hospital in Boston, Wiens received a
new face from his mid-scalp to his neck.


On May 10
his daughter Scarlette saw him for the first time.


Dallas said he would
not have undergone the surgery without her. He wanted his daughter not to be
the object of ridicule. So far he has not attended her pre-school events and
dance recitals – but now he plans to go to every one of her events.


He had to say Scalette's name twice, before she recognized
the sound of his voice. She ran over to him and asked to be picked up. He began
to cry, and later Scarlette said that he was “so handsome.”


Dallas Wiens' accident occurred on November 13, 2008. The
numbers 8 and 4 were activated on that fateful day.


‘Dallas Wiens' name adds up to 35/8 in the ancient Chaldean
system I use for current names. A 4 or 8 current name will always attract
events and people that also resonate to 4 or 8.


This is because these two numbers are magnetically attracted
to each other and form a unique and fateful relationship that is not present with any other


After his accident, which occurred in 2008, Wiens had 22/4


He was born in 1985, the 85th year of last
century – a number that adds up to 13/4.


On the day of his accident, November 13, 2008, Wiens'
numbers interacted in a dramatic way. Yet, when you listen to him, all you hear
is gratitude for that fateful event. There is no anger or frustration. He truly
feels that his life has changed for the better.


What an amazing gift Dallas Wiens is – a true living example
of how to take every challenge, no matter how big, and turn it into an
opportunity for growth and acceptance.


Dallas Wiens was born on the 6th of May.


He “came ou”t to the world on ABC's Good Morning America in
May of this year, just days after his 15/6 Personal Year began.


His surgery took 15/6 hours.


6 is the number of all things related to your home – your
family, close friends, the place you live and your body, which is your physical home. 6
is the number of love, responsibility and compassion.


Dallas' face transplant surgery occurred this past March –
significant because he was placed on the donor waiting list in October of last
year and both March and October occurred during his 14/5 Personal Year – forecasting
major changes.  


The month of March is particularly important in this regard. Dallas was experiencing a 17 Personal Month.


17 is the number of ‘Immortality, and shows how he is
leaving a legacy behind.


Dallas' daughter Scarlette saw her dad's new face for the
first time on May 10 – a 1 Day of New Beginnings and Instant Manifestation.


Theirs is a beautiful, inspiring story of love and


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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