March 2017 shifts you into a whole new dimension….

This year March is a life-changing 13 Universal Month happening in a 10 Universal Year in numerology – invoking powerful miracle manifestation opportunities.

You can now call forth divine miracles and abundant blessings at any moment in time.

This spectacular code is active across the board in the stars and numbers.

Here’s why you are birthing a new abundant reality:

  • March 2017 is a 13/4 Universal Month with powerful Manifestation opportunities.
  • This enables the 2017 Code of Money, Miracles and Manifestation to rise to a new level this month.
  • Venus, symbol of Love and Abundance stations retrograde on March 4.
  • Venus retrograde happens in Aries at 13°!

Your ability use your inner resources, transform past resistance into full acceptance, and get clear on matters of love and abundance attraction are very potent now – especially as Venus changes direction.

A fluid energy defines the number 13 – symbolizing self empowerment through self transformation.

Shifts, surprises, excitement, sudden changes of direction, major AHA moments all lead to an INTERNAL recalibration that ultimately resets you on a cellular level to embrace success and happiness.

The “root number” 4 (13 = 1+3 = 4) adds the ability to implement.

4 symbolizes the Earth – manifesting ideas into physical reality and thus creating tangible, secure results.

As you welcome the unexpected shifts, surprises and activations this month with open arms, you’ll witness the miracles unfold…

You are made of LIGHT and this month the eternal connection to your true origins is activated and strengthened by the transcendent changes you will experience.

Being fully AWARE of the cosmic signature on a daily basis lies at the core of who you are and will generate an EXPANSION of opportunities for you.

Listen to an excerpt of March's Premium Monthly Forecast here.

Have a beautiful, transformational March!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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