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Yesterday came the news about
Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger's separation.


Today happens to be an especially
potent day about relationships.


It is May 11, 2011.


So, today is an 11 Day


Add 5.11.2011, and you get an 11
Universal Date.


It is the 11th Year of
the century.


A triple 11 is active today –
giving us a wonderful opportunity.

Throughout 2011 we all have an
amazing opportunity to grow and transform all our relationships.

Add 1+1 and you get 2, the root
number for 11. Number 2 symbolizes creating balance and peace in your


The double 1 in 11 means double
new beginnings all across your life – new relationships, new work experience,
even a new location or home. Spiritually, number 11 is a gateway to Truth. 11
always asks you to take notice Now by mastering honesty and not being afraid to
embrace who you really are.


Let's see how number 11 is
affecting Maria Shriver right now.


In 2011,
Shriver is experiencing 11 Personal Year. Double new beginnings for her, across
the board. These major changes are activated even more for Shriver, because her
11 Personal Year mirrors the 11th year of the century.


Schwarzenegger is experiencing a 13/4 Personal Year – signifying endings and


So, if
there was any concurrent year for Maria and Arnold to feel a great urge to
re-evaluate and renew their lives – it was during 2011.


Maria is
born on the 6th. Her Life Purpose Number is 1 and her
Destiny Number is a 3.


Having the
6 and 3 in her important birth numbers means Maria is driven to be on a stage
somehow – as an author, actor, TV or radio host, speaker, writer, or musician.
Her mission is to uplift and help others. Shriver's 1 Life Purpose makes her
original, creative, and independent.


actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, also has a major 3
in his birth blueprint – his Day of Birth is the 30th. His Destiny
is a powerful 9.


Numbers 3
and 9 are in the 3-6-9 triad of emotional, self-expression numbers – so it is
no wonder he also enjoys being on any kind of stage.


Both share
this emotional and artistic connection with each other.


magnetic stage presence is enhanced by his fortunate current name. ‘Arnold
Schwarzenegger' adds up to 23/5 which the ancients described ‘The Royal Star of
the Lion.' No other number can defeat the 23 and win.


Shriver has a fabulous current name too – one that resonates to the enchanting 15/6.
Maria's name beautifully activates her birth blueprint by giving her the
ability to bless others with the gift of happiness.


Did you
know, out of all the 23 famous members and spouses in the Kennedy clan profiled
in my book, ONLY Maria Shriver has a fortunate current name. That is stunning.


So she'll
be fine. And so will Arnold.


Maria and
Arnold's 25 year marriage was based on mutual respect and harmony. They have
two numbers in conflict, two important numbers in harmony, one compatible and
one neutral to each other. That's a good start.


What gave
their partnership a nice boost is that they share four out of six numbers. This
means Maria and Arnold will always remain close friends – even if they have
gone their separate ways romantically.


And, with
Maria's 11 Personal Year and Arnold's 13/4, they each have a fabulous
opportunity to re-invent themselves right now.


Does the
transition of a 25-year marriage into a close friendship signify failure?




We must
take the word ‘failure' and ban it forever. Nothing is ever a failure.
Everything that happens to you is a process. We have a good word for it – Life.


Longevity should never be confused with doing well.


longevity gives partners a great opportunity for mutual growth, and that is a
wonderful thing – when it makes sense. Obviously for a quarter-of-a-century, it
did make sense for Maria and Arnold.


it's not how long we stay in a relationship that matters. This is especially
important to understand in 2011.


relationship creates opportunity. Relationships should never come with an
obligation. If you feel obligated to be in any relationship you are not LIVING.
You are surviving a pre-made script.


carries no script. Life is inherently about change. If you don't live and
change, you stop renewing yourself.


I am not
advocating changing partners every time life gets tough. Far from it.


Truth be
told, we have to welcome all challenges and difficult times. Be grateful for
them. See each challenge as an opportunity – an 11 gateway – to do what you
came here to do. You are here to BE your Life Purpose and Destiny.


And this
year, your Life Purpose is activated relative to all the relationships in your


relationships are the most amazing growth experiences of all. We've all fallen
in love and felt more ‘complete' because of another's love. After a while, this
‘in love' feeling disappears for most partners. It wears off for all but a few.


Do you
know why?


people join together in partnership hoping their union will elevate their lives
– to make it better than before.


They see
their marriage as a sum of two separate parts.


believe the sum of the partnership must be greater than it's parts. Meaning, by
joining together, two people are elevated more than if they are alone.


In order
to make this idea work, they give up parts of themselves to please the other.


At some
point in the relationship, they begin to wonder what the other part of this
‘whole' is doing. What is the other ‘half' saying? What is he feeling? What is
she planning? What thoughts are going on in the other ‘half's' mind?


doubts arise. Eventually, illusions are shattered. This is how two people give
up their freedom.


They lose
themselves in the relationship.


They feel
they are less without the other. And it is true – they are less. Because they
do not focus on themselves – instead they focus on the ‘other'. They worry
about pleasing or controlling the ‘other half'.


This is
when the shadow side of the 11/2 is active. Confusion and insecurity invade the
mind. Deceptiveness, dishonesty can emerge. Self-control may go out the window.
Power struggles occur. The inner division that was there at the onset of the
relationship is mis-interpreted.


The reason
is that there is no ‘other half'. There is only YOU. You are complete. You
don't need anyone else to complete you.


And here
is the great oxymoron.


You must
be in a relationship to realize how complete you are.


Yes – it
feels like a contradiction – but it is not. You cannot experience how extraordinarily
wonderful you are, if you live in a void.


We cannot
live in a void here on Earth. We live in a world of relativity – where
everything is understood and grows in relation to one another.


relationships are the fastest growth experiences we have.


Here is
where looking at image of the number 11 is so helpful.


two 1s there would not be a gateway. The 1 exists first. That is you – the
individuated soul. The 2 comes to life when you RELATE to another person, event
or thing. By relating, you put your self in CONTEXT. Without context you would
not realize who you are.


So it is
only in relationship to another person – and to a lesser extent an idea or
entity -that you are able to realize your true potential.


realize who you are and what you choose to be. Because you are placing yourself
in context with another soul who has hopefully chosen to elevate herself as
well. Thus, it is only in relationship that you can truly elevate your life.


Yet, you
must be completely at peace with yourself FIRST. Ask yourself WHY you are
entering a long-term relationship.


This is
why the 11 gateway always brings decisions – you either choose to remain
divided and look outside of yourself for answers, or you risk all for inner
peace and unconditional love.


When a
relationship is entered in this way, the two 1's, representing two people relating
to each other in confidence and creative joy, will never use the marriage to
fulfill a need – to end loneliness, to fill a void in their life, to recover
from a previous relationship, or to just have someone around to take care of.


I know, it's
not always easy.


If you are
having challenges – and we all do – try not to see your partner as the opposing
force. It does no good to judge your partner. That is avoiding your


All you
are responsible for is your own happiness.


So choose
to be in that state of peace. Then your relationships will all heal and renew
themselves – naturally.


you have a great tool. Numerology helps you check the energy exchange of your
partnership. Your six birth numbers show how compatible you and your partner
are. Check your partnership compatibility here.




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