It’s getting close to Superbowl Sunday – but today is an even more special day for me. Two reasons – the second of which you won’t want to miss.
First, in a few hours from now my husband Clay is performing a violin recital on the Biltmore Estate – that’s the Vanderbilt’s family home. Then, he’s teaching a weekend Masterclass for students who have flown in from around the world.
Last night I was looking at his Personal Day Number for today’s concert. Lo and behold it’s an 11. Amazing, I thought, since Clay has three 11s in his Personal Numerology Blueprint.
Clay happens to BE a master – on the violin. He has toured as soloist worldwide and has performed on over 1000 motion picture soundtracks – many as concertmaster. You can hear him lead the orchestra in Titanic, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, the Matrix movies, Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind to name a few.
Imagine having this Master Number not once, not twice but THREE times in your Blueprint. Clay’s Life Purpose is an 11, his Destiny is an 11 and his Personality is an 11. That’s not easy. Because Master Numbers will challenge you more than other numbers. With an 11 he’s challenged to access his immense inner strength, his intuitive powers and his inborn creativity which is represented by the double 1.
Is having a Master Number imperative to success? No.
You don’t need one in your Blueprint in order to succeed at the highest levels. But more often than not, the greatest leaders, artists and sports stars have one tucked away somewhere in their blueprint.
Take Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady, for example.
On first glance there’s no visible sign of a double digit Master number in Brady’s blueprint. But when looking more closely I notice he was born on August 3. Add the 8, for August, to the 3 and you get an 11.
This means Tom Brady’s M.O. is to be a Master – his attitude is to lead through creativity and originality. It also means people view him as a master of his craft, and that he approaches everything he does with a Masterful attitude. I will tell you a lot more about Tom Brady tomorrow.
Then there’s Madonna. And German philosopher and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Marc Chagall. The greatest composer and prodigy ever – Mozart. Bob Hope. Harry Houdini. And Jim Brown. What do they have in common? An 11 Life Purpose Number.
Of course, each of these highly successful icons had to practice, practice, practice. For hours they refined their gift and then rose to the highest levels. I can vouch for that fact. Clay practices every day, even when he’s traveling. He’ll do it at the airport.
This drive to create and succeed is key to an 11 person.
There are many more such examples. Which brings me to the second reason this is such a special day.
I have a brand new website.
It’s loads of fun – with soundclips, a video AND a special new intro product, The Secret Power of Your Name – Know When to Keep It – Know When to Change It .
On the left column you’ll also see all the upcoming dates listed for my Inner Circle Teleseminars. Next one is on Wednesday, February 6. Be sure to join – I have a lot to share with you during this two hour call – plus I’ll answer your questions as well.
Just click on this link.
This is the website you’ll want to go to from now on. I’ll be shooting new videos and adding radio and tv interviews frequently, so keep checking in.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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