Matthew-McConaughey-014-800x600Matthew McConaughey won his first Oscar last Sunday.

Aside from his handsome looks, the Texan actor has a much more powerful personal asset – his highly fortunate current name.

For one, McConaughey’s name has helped him break through quickly to the top 20 Hollywood celebrities with the highest net worth – a list compiled before Sunday’s Academy Awards.

“Matthew McConaughey” adds up to the highly fortunate number 27.

So does “Madonna.”

Before Madonna began her one-name celebrity journey, she used a highly challenging current name in “Madonna Ciccone”. It reflected the difficulties she endured in early life. Removing “Ciccone” from her current name changed the number from an unfortunate 18 to a highly fortunate 27.

And the rest is history.

The name you choose to use right NOW makes that much of a difference.

Another one-name celebrity on the Top 20 list is Ludacris.

“Ludacris” reonates to 23 – a fabulous current name number the ancients called “the Royal Star of the Lion”.

With a fortunate name, the world is your oyster. Yes, you’ve got to step up and create your life. The difference is there are far fewer obstacles, interruptions and challenging influences impeding your progress.

You NATURALLY attract opportunities.

Interference with your goals is kept to a minimum.

It’s not to say people with fortunate names go through life without challenges. Everyone needs challenges in order to grow.

However, people with fortunate names recover quickly.  

       Their support network is in place.

       Their spiritual, emotional, mental and financial security are more readily available.

       Friends and mentors appear and help at the right time.

Those parameters are NOT a given for people with challenging names. Too often, obstacles in the form of difficult experiences and people throw a wrench into their plans. Progress is made, but is usually incremental and accompanied by just as many setbacks.

Put plainly – it is harder to gain long-term momentum and fulfillment with a challenging name.

Fortunately, you are one of the FEW people in the world who's now privvy to the secret power of your current name. You also know that your name can be changed, if necessary.

Madonna did without even knowing how the result would change your life.

No matter, a fortunate name is a fortunate name, whether you know about it's magic or not.

99.9 percent of the population have NO clue how their name is affecting them.

March is a 10/1 Universal Month of New Beginnings and Instant Manifestation – the perfect time for you to get a read on your GREATEST personal asset.

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Love and success,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Tina Marie Aguilar March 11, 2014 at 5:39 pm - Reply

    I used to be a part of that monthly call and I purchased a fortunate name report. Do I qualify for a discount? I’d like to purchase the 30 day report.

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