Thankfully, the news is good. No breaches of levees in New Orleans. What a relief.

Yes it's not over and western Cuba was devastated by this powerful hurricane, but things are certainly looking far more rosy today in U.S. than a couple days ago.

A client of mine asked if prayer helps.

Absolutely. And strength comes in numbers. The more positive prayers and thoughts we send to the Gulf states and Eastern Texas the greater the effect.

And since Katrina is still very much on our minds, the positive prayers sent this time around definitely were magnified.

Hurricane Gustav did accomplish one thing, which in hindsight could be seen as fortunate. As the 23/5 name for ‘Gustav' showed, the storm got most people out of New Orleans. 5 is the number for crowds and people. Some will not return. And that is good when I look at the coming months and couple of years.

On another note – I found it interesting how the thunder and applause following Obama's big acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention on Thursday never really took on a life of it's own. It certainly could have.

But his biggest moment was pre-empted in the media by Hurricane Gustav and John McCain's VP announcement.

You may remember that both Biden and Obama have a double 12/3 in their blueprint. Now take note of the following number – 75,000 – the amount of people in the stadium for Obama's speech. That number reduces to 12/3.

Why is this important.

Because August was also a 3 Personal Month for Obama. His 3 cycle activated the two 12s in his blueprint as well. 12 is also called the ‘Victim' number. So it came as no surprise that Obama must have felt somewhat ‘victimized' by the surprising events following his most important speech – after all it was his highly successful coming out party.

Our other candidate John McCain has entered what will be a powerful Personal Month for him. That might surprise you considering the major changes in the Republican Party convention.

But there is a silver lining for McCain.

The first good news for him is that Bush and Cheney canceled their appearances because of Hurricane Gustav.

For the maverick Senator, this can only help. He doesn't want to present a strong bond with a sitting President whose approval ratings are in the low 20th percentile.

Also, if McCain turns the convention into a Gustav fundraiser he will tap into something positive – gratitude and compassion. Besides, who wants to watch another batch of mostly uninspired speakers for the second straight week in a row,

Again, we have the element of surprise very active in John McCain's life right now. He has a great opportunity. Look at his numbers.

September is an 11 Personal Month for McCain. This both magnifies his current 29/11 Personal Year, and makes another very important connection.

His current double 11 month and year activate the Double 11 Master Numbers in his Blueprint. McCain's Life Purpose – 38/11 – mirrors the 38/11 Personal Month in September. And his 29/11 Day of Birth mirrors his 29/11 Personal Year.

Since 11 is a powerful, highly creative leadership number, this double activation will test him on his ability to unite his party all month long. How McCain handles this strong 11 magnification will be very telling. There is a chance for mastering challenges in a big way through courage and leadership. Or, he may feel torn and divided by circumstances.

It's also a big month for Obama, though with a different emphasis. Obama is in a fantastic 22/4 Personal Year and now entering his 31/4 Personal Month. This Double 4 ties right into his 4 Day of Birth.  He can utilize the ‘genius' aspect of the 31/4 to help him navigate obstacles.

Yet, this triple 4 activation is also fateful. Notice it adds up to 12.

Both candidates will be in the spotlight more than ever this month. We should get a real glimpse as to HOW McCain and Obama deal with breaking news. Will they utilize the positive or negative traits inherent in their respective 4 and 11 activations.

You too are feeling the doubling of your Personal Year vibration this month – it happens every September to all of us.

September is the 9th month. 9 contains all the numbers within it. Add any number to nine, like 4 plus 9 and you end up with the same number – 13/4.  There's an intensity in the air. School, college and the fiscal year all begin this month.

This is a time for breakthroughs and success. Your Personal Year Number is doubled right now. So be sure your current name is helping you to take advantage of the opportunities this month inevitably brings.

Get your fortunate current name now.

My Warmest Wishes for a Safe Labor Day,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Amazing insights about your future are revealed in your 2008/09 Blueprint. Knowing what's coming up for you this month and for the next year will eliminate all your fears. No more thinking – ‘in hindsight I Could have done this.' You'll know how to take advantage of your current cycles right Now and for the next 12 months.

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