I find it very interesting that John McCain has suspended his campaign in order to help ‘fix' the fiscal problem on Wall Street.

How he might help is open to question. What I do know is that this scenario ties into a couple of predictions I make at the end of my new book.

Watch out for a big announcement about the book very soon.

Hopefully McCain's campaign suspension is just political posturing. If he doesn't return to campaigning next week, then watch for news about the election in October.

McCain is currently in a 38/11 Personal Month. He's also in a 29/11 Personal Year. This master number period demands a great deal from him. He's especially being confronted about his leadership and his ability or inability to transcend divisiveness.

Making us confused and uneasy is a form of divisiveness. However, if McCain walks through the two pylons represented by the number 11, he can also reap tremendous rewards.

It's such a huge moment for him because he's born on the 29th and his Life Purpose is 38/11. Everything is on the line for him right now.

So it comes as no surprise that McCain is making big decisions – pulling out of Friday's debate unless an ‘agreement' is reached on Capitol Hill and, of course, stopping his campaign in order to take part in that debate.

Will his actions divide or unite. Remember 11 reduces to 2, which is the number of peace and diplomacy. It's why McCain is known as a bipartisan member of Congress.

His qualifications for fiscal understanding aside – McCain is feeling it big time right now.

Barack Obama is having to deal with some major decisions as well. He is born on the 4th and is currently in a 31/4 Personal Month. Learning to adjust to others in September – i.e. McCain's VP and yesterday's announcement – is key for him. He's reached a peak this month. 31/4 also activates a natural ‘genius' quality in him.

Both men have a LOT riding on their current decisions.

Of course events on Wall Street and Washington have challenged them to the core.

Amazingly, as we enter the final stretch, McCain and Obama's current cycles literally activate the Personal Blueprint for America to an even greater degree.

Much will transpire between now and November 4.

Stay tuned for October. That's when the U.S. enters a very potent period.

Do Obama and McCain's current names give an indication about their role in history. Absolutely. Names are MAJOR indicators of your present and future. My book goes into great detail about this.

Any situation, no matter how difficult, can be turned into an advantage with the help of good name. And that includes the times we are in right now.

So be sure your name is supporting you.

With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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