It's a funny thing. I just got off the phone with Clay, who's in Los Angeles, and I asked if he was watching the VP debate tonight.

He said, ‘I didn't know it was on.'

Of course, I'm not surprised my own husband wasn't tuned in to politics – and believe me it makes my life much easier. Turns out he's performing on a movie score this evening.

Certainly tonight both Sarah Palin and Joe Biden will have to keep their wits about them.

Both are in 14/5 Personal Years right now. That means anything can happen. Just look at how Biden and Palin were chosen at the last minute for their VP positions, and you can see how unpredictable 5 cycles can be.

Here's another clue. The NY Stock Exchange is in a 5 year as well in 2008. So expect the unexpected.

As for Biden and Palin's Personal Numbers, they have a lot in common. What's amazing is this. Palin has a 71/8 Destiny Number, which is derived from your name at birth. Biden has a 98/17/8 Destiny.

8 is a number signifying ‘the executive, abundance and overcoming obstacles.' So both are born to lead in some way or another.

What's so fascinating is this. Today both of them have a 17/8 Personal Day.

This means two things. Both their Destinies are activated fully today, And secondly, the 17/8 indicates this debate will be remembered for a long time. 17 is the Immortality Number.

I just heard yesterday that the most watched debate ever was not between Presidential candidates. No, it was the October 11, 1984 VP Debate between Geraldine Ferraro and George H. W. Bush. It took place on October 11, an 11 Day showing the division between male and female, democrat and republican.

Today, 24 years later, we are in an 11 Universal Month.

When I look at the rest of the numbers for today it's clear tonight will result in even greater divisions. During the debate, there's also a possibility of sudden shifts or risks.

And since it's the 2nd, there could be diplomatic overtures as well. This 11, 2, 13 combo will certainly make tonight exciting.

There are two more numbers to look at. First, both candidates are in a 15/6 Personal Month. For Palin this means October will be a smoother ride than September was for her. Why – because Palin's Life Purpose is 24/6.

So tonight BOTH her Life Purpose AND her Destiny are being activated. This will give her a slight edge over Biden.

What does the 6 signify – giving counsel, being a parental influence and showing compassion. One thing to note here is this. Sarah Palin has to be careful not to neglect her own personal needs. Having a prominent 6 means there could be a tendency to want to be there for others and forget to take care of yourself.

If she ends up as Vice President, Palin will have some challenges in that arena.

Biden, of course shares all his current cycles with Palin – which in itself is interesting since they also share the same Destiny and same current name number – so he's having a 24/6 Day as well. The difference is that Biden doesn't have a 6 in his Blueprint like Palin does.

So how might their 12/3 current name affect them tonight. There's no telling, but it's interesting to note ‘Al Gore' also adds up to the 12, also referred to as the ‘Victim Number.'

Since 12 reduces to 3 and 3 is about self expression, both Palin and Biden have to guard against exaggerating. In general, not just tonight.

Knowing which numbers are active in your life Right Now gives you a distinct advantage. Namely, Foresight.

Your 2008/09 Blueprint is the report you'll want to refer to over and over again during the next 12 months. Make sure you have one to guide you.

Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Want to learn how I calculate your personal  numbers and your current name? The end of my new book  will show you how. 

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