mel gibson.jpgI took a short unexpected break over the weekend – after contracting food poisoning.

During my time in bed I did some easy reading and came across an article on Mel Gibson. I'll share his fascinating numbers story in a moment.

Happily I'm back on my feet again today and pleased to report we are close to putting up the ‘Sold Out' sign for my Triple Platinum Numbers System coaching seminar. I've already reserved a relaxing evening at a fantastic restaurant with stunning views – a gift to all who attend.

And no it's not the restaurant that gave me food poisoning…

From July 24-26 in beautiful Sedona Arizona, I'm going to share and explain everything in my secret numerology file. Simple reason – I want to give you the tools of a lifetime.

So if you haven't registered yet and plan to, then do so Now. Be sure to watch the video for more information.

I've really enjoyed most of Mel Gibson's films – he certainly knows how to light up the silver screen.

Fittingly, this fascinating Hollywood actor, director, producer and screenwriter sure has a fascinating Personal Numerology Blueprint.

As for his Personal Year in 2009 – it has a strong focus on family. So it's not surprising to hear through the grapevine that family matters are in the news. More on that in a moment. First a look at his blueprint.

Mel Gibson is known for his complex and strong leading man roles.

Most people know him for the Mad Max films of his early career or the critically acclaimed Braveheart which he produced, directed and starred in, his Lethal Weapon movies and the recent The Passion of the Christ.

Look at how his numbers describe his movie career. He is born on a 3 Day of self expression and performance. His Life Purpose is a 25/7 of intense privacy and strong spiritual or religious feelings – notice he has 7 children and married on June 7. And his Destiny 116/8 is to be a leader, director – the person in charge.

It's a very complex recipe of numbers. His 7 Life Purpose is in conflict with his 3 and 8 which are in turn in conflict with each other.

He certainly has had his challenges, but fortunately for Gibson, his current name has allowed him to build a highly successful life an career.

‘Mel Gibson' adds up to the marvelous 33/6 current name number. 33/6 is a master number indicating an extraordinary original and creative mind. Financial success is truly remarkable with this name.

No wonder his films have grossed over $2 billion in the U.S. alone. Gibson himself is worth an estimated $100 million.

Interestingly, he and his wife have been very private about the large amounts they have given to charity – his 25/7 Life Purpose explains the privacy.

A 33/6 current name can indicate a superiority or martyr complex. This also applies when 33 is prominently placed in your birth blueprint.

Making a film about the last hours in Jesus' life certainly aligns with the 33/6 martyr symbolism. Meaning, Mel can relate on some level.

People whose name equals 33 tend to do better when they're in a harmonious partnership – either in their career or in romance, or both. It's a hugely rewarding name number as long as the astounding luck that comes with it is not abused.

For Mel Gibson, who is in a 15/6 Personal Year right now – the 33/6 is coming into play in a big way. His wife of 29 years, Robyn Gibson, filed for divorce in April.

As an aside ‘Robyn Gibson' adds up to 11/2, a challenging name number. It certainly seems she has been more affected by the marital challenges than Mel has.

Either way, it certainly is a big year for Gibson about decisions, indecisions and home related matters. He could have a radical change of lifestyle this year releasing himself from present limitations. He may also change his views and form new beliefs.

Everything in a 15/6 cycle will help him to let go of past fears. He needs to be sure his new experiences aren't limiting him and to laugh at his own weaknesses right now.

2009 storylines for him will revolve around family, health and all other relationships. If those relationships are not harmonious, he will be challenged to change them. So it's not at all surprising that his marriage to Robyn, from whom he has been separated for three years, is coming to an end.

Mel Gibson, like him or not, is a fascinating Hollywood icon. I look forward to seeing more of his creations, both on and off the screen.

Luckily for Gibson, he is blessed with a name that allows him to thrive – even during life's inevitable challenges. As long as he keeps his ego in line, he'll be back on his feet soon.

May your life be blessed by a highly fortunate name number too.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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