horizon_003431212017 is now a few days old… and it’s been quite a start!

Mercury is still in retrograde and today enters Sagittarius for its final four days before turning direct on January 8.

While in the very late 28° and 29° of Sagittarius, Mercury will be forming a wide conjunction with Saturn (which is currently at 22° Sagittarius).

This means, you’re now experiencing a depth of awareness unlike you ever have.

Along with the retrospection of any Mercury Retrograde, and coming at the dawn of a new nine-year universal cycle and a the empowering 10 Universal Year of 2017 – this moment signifies a total overhaul of your sensory perception, your conscious awareness and plans for the future.

You’ll need to rest more, make room to listen and give yourself sacred space.

You may turn to someone older or wiser to gain understanding.

All is flowing in a divinely planned way…

  • Your spiritual awareness is expanding in a remarkable way.
  • Your trust in following your BLISS is deepening.
  • Your acceptance of constant divine Love is strengthening,
  • Your doubts are extinguishing
  • Your knowledge that you are a dearly beloved child of God with an eternal connection to Source is awakening.
  • Your trust in the truth of your divine origins is growing.
  • Love is becoming your only go-to source for all answers.

Self judgment is being let go as you see the negative effect it has on you…. disparaging yourself creates an illusion that you are separate from the Light.

You see that this is total nonsense – that all beings are unconditionally accepted.

Any abandonment you feel is healed by forgiving yourself first, by coming home to Love and understanding that you are never alone – you are part of ONE wonderful consciousness – everything else is an Illusion. Any unworthiness you feel is healed through complete self-acceptance and trust in your divinity.

Don’t feed your ego – it DEPENDS on you feeling abandoned, alone and disconnected.

Nourish, lavish your attention on that which lights you up from the inside – all that EXCITES YOU.

As you make any decision, ask yourself, “Is this for my highest good?”

“Does this FEEL Good?”

You don’t just want to think your way to calm – you want to FEEL your way to calm.

Right now, Saturn conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius is enabling to reflect on what truly makes you happy – what makes you feel like you are expanding your life, rather than retracting from living fully.

You have infinite resources within you. It is your responsibility to awaken to them and use them.

Always remind yourself with a few deep breaths:

You are one with all of consciousness.

We are all ONE consciousness.

Yet each one of us expresses an exquisite, unique vibrational frequency – just like every snowflake is unique.

2017 opens the door to Leadership through Love and Light.

So many opportunities this year will point you towards your divine mission – taking your mission seriously and living in a place of joy is BIG theme this year!

To help you navigate all the amazing opportunities, make sure you watch the 2017 Ultimate Yearly Forecast webinar – your practical and spiritual map to the stars and numbers for 2017.

Go towards only that which uplifts, heals and nourishes you.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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