mercincancer07212Strange to say, but I’m actually looking forward to June’s Mercury Retrograde.

Love is being nurtured on many different fronts during this retrograde… and what better time than the traditional wedding month of June!

Let me clarify first…

Both Mercury AND Neptune are going retrograde within hours of each other:

  • Mercury on June 7 which is a 20/2 Universal Date of Love and Relationships.
  • Neptune on June 9 – the number of Unconditional Love and a 22/4 Universal Date if peaceful coexistence.

2 is a very sensitive number of cooperation and partnerships.

When Mercury slows down and changes direction we’re given an opportunity to delve more deeply into areas of our life that need our undivided attention. We are prompted to look at life from new and different angles.

Your senses are more open – your intuition more receptive.

What makes this retrograde so miraculous is that the astro-numerology code of love and partnerships is triggered throughout the three weeks Mercury is moving backwards.

As a result you will see important shifts in your capacity to love and your intimate relationships over the next few weeks.

Pay attention to ALL the signs and signals that come your way. They’ll not only guide you, but also provide important insights for the next several months.

And right as Mercury and Neptune go retrograde, they form a beautiful harmonious connection between them called a “trine”, signifying a deep spiritual awakening. Don’t be surprised if you make discoveries and plans you would have never considered before now!

You'll experience an undeniable knowing that unconditional acceptance is a true measure of love.

Love and partnership continue to expand with the Full Moon on June 13.

Remember how Neptune went retrograde just days before on a 22 Universal Date? Well…

     …the Moon is full at 22 degrees.

     …the Moon forms a beautiful ‘quincunx’ to Jupiter, which currently ALSO lies at 22 degrees.

     …Jupiter, the planet of unbridled optimism, is in Cancer, the traditional ‘home sign’ of the Moon, expanding loving feelings for home, family and partnerships.

The final “love lineup” during Mercury Retrograde happens right at the end with a New Moon on June 27/9 – symbolizing Unconditional Love. Since this New Moon occurs in Cancer, the love and compassion principle is even more magnified.

Amazingly, this New Moon ALSO forms a beautiful, harmonious trine to Neptune, merging mind and heart for a very romantic, poetic experience!

Notice this Mercury Retrograde journey BEGAN with a harmonious trine to the dreamy planet Neptune, and also ENDS with a romantic trine to Neptune adding an element mysticism and spirituality to your life and all your close partnerships in June.

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Mercury retrograde in June invokes the nectar of Love…

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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