On October 22 papers were filed in Santa Barbara County against Michael Jackson, who has defaulted on a 23 mill loan to keep his Neverland Ranch.
It’s no accident this happened on October 22.
What I’m about to tell you will explain why this desperate man is being exposed. And why he’s likely to loose everything.
First, the 22 connection. Both the name Michael AND the name Jackson add up to 22 in the Chaldean numerology system. This highly charged master number requires incredible inner courage and strength. Michael Jackson’s total name adds up to two times 22, equaling 44. More on that below.
His double 22 names show that, without intense vigilance, he’ll be blinded by the foolish, even evil acts of others. Instead of seeing the truth, he’ll choose a life of illusion. Instead of being honest, he’ll remain deluded.
If you listen to fools, you become a fool yourself. This is precisely what happened to Michael Jackson.
He’s recently admitted in sworn testimony that prescription drugs impaired his judgment. So drugs are to blame for his behavior. The blame game is common when you are deluded. His lawyers have recently settled several other lawsuits against him. But have NOT paid them off.
The lesson with 22 is acute. It requires MJ to get off the couch and confront spiritual laziness. 22 comes with another obligation as well. That he discern Truth from Illusion. 22 requires Michael to take out his sword and slay all of his inner demons.
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is on the verge of disappearing – unless this desperate artist confronts the reasons behind his fears of being exposed.
If he doesn’t do so now, he’ll be forced to next year. Because in 2008 Michael will be emotionally and spiritually challenged to change his ways. There won’t be any more escaping his past and present.
In 2008, MJ will have to look into the mirror. Without makeup.
Now let’s look at Michael Jackson’s name, which adds up to a 44. This number warns of dangers and disappointments especially regarding unhappy partnerships of all kinds. Meaning business, family and love partnership. Well, no surprise there. Jackson’s got all three categories covered.
So how did he become so famous and wealthy, you might be asking. Very good question.
44 adds up to 8. 8 is the number of Power and Abundance. When your current name adds up to 44, wealth usually comes and goes. Wealth is a slippery thing when it becomes THE one and only goal. When happiness is cast aside for the attainment of fame, status and power, a recipe for all kinds of abuse is put in place. This can only result in emotional emptiness – a precursor to mental illness.
When the person with a Number 44 current name is poisoned by bad advice and protected from good people, like Jackson has been, it’s a sadder story.
Michael Jackson has been shielded by scoundrels and greedy people all his life. These people thrive on keeping him deluded, to the point where MJ believes – ‘I can do no wrong because I am Michael Jackson’. Hiding behind his facial mask is akin to exposing his true motives.
The children he claims are his are shielded in the same way, in order to keep more secrets from being exposed.
Now his Neverland Ranch stands empty, while Michael Jackson is living in Washington D.C. Judging by his current personal year, 28/1, I believe he’ll never go back to the ranch. During a 28 year, land and property issues come to the forefront. They either bring unexpectedly good profits OR great losses – it all depends on your original motives and behavior.
Michael Jackson’s motives and behavior fit the unappetizing category. That’s why the Ranch is being forcefully taken away from him. It will now literally be his Neverland ranch.
You see why it’s so important to make sure your name adds up to a positively-charged number. A fortunate name will balance out any difficult vibrations, both in your blueprint and in your currently active numbers – like your Personal Year.
As it says in Ecclesiastes 7:1 –
“A good name is better than a precious ointment.”
Do yourself, your children, spouse and parents a favor. Give them a personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint. As part of that document I will make sure you have a name that adds up to a fortunate one. No other document will so effortlessly place you on a highway paved with happiness.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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