michael jackson - bad.jpgWhat a few days it's been. Yesterday morning Farrah Fawcett passed away and a few hours later, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's sudden death from cardiac arrest was a shock.

I heard about it after a fun day out of town. My stepmother texted me about the news on my iPhone.

Michael was in full swing for the first time in many years. His big London concerts were about to kick off on July 13. According to witnesses he was as happy as EVER with the rehearsals the day before he died.

So for him, he left this earth on a happy and high note.

How appropriate that he is in a 30/3 Personal Year in 2009 – the number of performing and self-expression. What a perfect cycle for him to leave us.

He truly was a genius performer, bringing the world the Moonwalk, break-dancing and incredible music.

Fittingly his 29/11 Day of Birth indicates he had natural mastery. It also shows he could have felt very divided about his decisions and his life.

Jackson was notorious for hiring and firing employees. Since 29/11 reduces to 2, he would have wanted close relationships in his life. His sensitivities and quirks would have made it difficult for him to find people he trusted – another sign of the 29.

Michael's Destiny was an 80/8 and showed why he had a natural gift to acquire both the top spot in pop and attract a fortune.

With an 8 Destiny, there can be a tendency to make – and lose – more than one fortune, and Michael certainly fit that picture. Monee is a major keyword for anyone who has an important 8 in his or her birth blueprint – making it, defining what it means and spending it.

Jackson's 42/6 Life Purpose and 33/6 Soul tie into the parental and family vibration. Being a parent and having children in his life would have brought him much joy.

At the same time his father admits to pushing young Michael far too hard when he was only 6 years young. Jackson never attended school. He worked the stage from when he was a child. The weirdness that took over his life can certainly be traced to the emotionally damaged child who wasn't allowed to play and just be childlike.

Let's look at Michael Jackson's current name now. It played a major role in HOW his life played out.

‘Michael Jackson' adds up to 44/8 in the Chaldean system I use for current names. 44/8 brings both the potential for wealth AND major challenges.

That's because 4 and 8 in combination with each other result in fateful events.

Since Michael had an 8 Destiny and was born in the 58th year of the 1900s – 58 reduces to 13/4 – his current name number was especially challenging.

Yes, it helped him become the ‘King of Pop.' Yes, 44/8 brought tremendous abundance most people will never experience.

At the same time he had a lot of pain in his life. He was praised AND ridiculed. He was loved AND hated. He attracted controversy. He attracted fateful events into his life. He had a history of health problems.

So with the success came the challenges.

A friend of this newsletter sent an email to me this morning asking me if I had seen the number on top of the ambulance that took Jackson to the hospital. It was 71 – another 8.

Let's look at the 71, another clue. Amazingly June is a 17/8 Universal Month. 17 is the Immortality Number. Jackson's ambulance gives a clue that this number 8 was a hugely powerful force in his life, and that he will be remembered – however not necessarily the way he wanted. That's because the 71 is 17 in reverse.

Michael's Neverland Ranch was his fantasy retreat from the world of fame. He often confided he would remain young forever. He had a great aversion to growing old and his Peter Pan Neverland fantasy was created to create this sense of immortality.

Jackson got his wish. He died right before his big moment on the world stage on July 13 – the number of Genius and Transformation.

He was in a 9 Personal Month, the number of endings, culmination and release.

So he died in the midst of doing what he does best – perform. In a personal year that was all about being on stage again. In some ways his whole life was being lived on a kind of real and make-believe stage.

Yesterday was June 25th, a 25/7 Day. Amazingly for Michael personally, yesterday was a 43/7 Personal Day.

Double 7, the number indicating spiritual connection and privacy.

Farrah Fawcett also passed away yesterday. She was another very private star. I will write about her life shortly.

May both Michael and Farrah rest in Peace.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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