Last night a friend who’s an athlete emailed me and asked whether I could interpret Michael Vick’s numbers. Like many people, Vick has some good and some not so great numbers going.
You’ll want to read all the way to the end.
Because today I’m sharing something I haven’t ever done publicly before. I’ll give Vick a better spelling for his name. Boy, he needs it right now.
The latest on NFL quarterback Michael Vick, who enjoyed killing dogs as a past time, is that he was too stoned to think straight.
Well, yes, marijuana can cloud up your thoughts. But so can bad advice from others. Michael Vick, was born on a 26 Day, which is a number full of contradictions. On the one hand he has a unique power based on compassion for others. Yet he may not have the ability to help himself.
As a result, he tends to listen to other people’s advice, instead of his own intuition. So it's really important for him to avoid business partnerships of all kinds, because he will be taken advantage of. He must work only for himself.
Michael Vick has to stop listening to even well-intentioned advice from others. He should only listen to his personal hunches and intuition. That is, once he stops smoking pot and can think straight.
Thirdly, Vick has to stabilize his income by putting aside money. He must be careful about behaving in an extravagant manner or investing in other people’s projects. Rather, he should only invest in his own future – otherwise he will be misled. Yes, be generous with others, but also build a rock-solid foundation for the future for yourself.
Obviously, Vick has not done the above. On Tuesday a bank sued him for 2.3 million he borrowed for real estate investments.
So how did Michael Vick become so successful in the first place?
How did he make it as far as Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons? How did Vick become the first player in NFL history to rush for 100 yards and pass for 250 in a single game? As well as sign a 10-year contract extension with the Falcons – the most lucrative contract in the history of the NFL?
Here’s how.
Michael Vick has a fabulous Life Purpose Number, 32/5, signifying success at the highest levels. It’s a number totally befitting a star quarterback in the NFL. Having a high goal, a must with this number, will be easily attained, and Michael Vick did attain such a goal.
However, the 32/5 vibration needs you to use both good judgment and intuition. Plus it comes with a warning. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by others. Sounds like the same warning he has in his day of birth number 26 – a double whammy. I’m betting Michael Vick is getting and eating up a lot of bad advice lately.
Another danger with 32/5 is that your success may make you proud and superior. Once you’ve gained authority, a natural result of having a 32 vibration, you may feel guilty because you think you haven’t lived up to your potential. You turn would-be friends into enemies. You alienate others with your superiority complex. In the end, the spectacular rewards of this number can be delayed indefinitely UNTIL Michael Vick has learned the proper use of his mind.
Notice, I haven’t talked about Michael Vick’s current name yet. I’ve saved that for last.
You may not believe this today, but Michael Vick has a rare quality of learning from past mistakes. His name resonates to a 25, giving him the ability to observe people and things carefully and gain spiritual wisdom as a result. His strength comes from overcoming disappointments from his early life.
Of course, if he continues smoking pot, he’ll not only lose more brain-cells, but also the ability to learn from any mistakes – past or present.
25 is not a number that gives him financial success, though. If he wants that, he’ll have to alter his name. Why. Because his birth day number 26 doesn’t come with a guarantee for accruing wealth either. So I’m not at all surprised he’s in financial trouble right now.
As it happens, Michael Vick was suspended from the NFL in August. August resonates to number 8. This is significant, because one of Vick’s most important vibrations is his 26/8 Day.
He was indicted by a Virginia grand jury on September 25 for felony animal beating/killing and dogfighting charges. Notice he has a 25 name.
What’s more, yesterday September 26, Michael Vick was found to violate his probation due to smoking marijuana and ordered to home confinement. He is born on a 26 Day.
All of these dates are highly significant. None of them are a coincidence. Each date explains which of Vick’s numbers are under the microscope – and why.
Finally, Michael Vick is currently in a 5 Personal Year. This means his Life Purpose Number, 32/5, is under the spotlight. Your Life Purpose Number shows you what you’re here to learn. If you’re not willing to change and grow up during a Personal Year in which your Life Purpose Vibration is active – you will suffer.
My hope is that Michael Vick will wake up. If he ever stops doping his mind and gets in touch with me, I’d advise him to change his name to Mikael Vick, and pronto. No pronunciation changes needed. Just a spelling alteration. Pretty easy, huh? The result would be immensely beneficial.
Funny how changing a letter can help you turn your life from challenging to effortless. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.
Listen to your numbers, just like you listen to good music. Don’t just accept your name as written in stone. NOTHING is written in stone. Especially your future.
Go order your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. In a matter of hours I’ll be making a special announcement. You won’t want to miss it. So stay tuned to your inbox.

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