I want to look more closely at a number Michael Phelps has mastered like no one else.

One reader makes this observation:

“Now I'm totally lost. 16 was the worst – now it's great. I like the 17 idea though as there appears to be a consistent theme.”

Yes, I have mentioned many times that 16/7 is a very challenging number.

You may recall, John Edwards has the same 88/16 Destiny Number as Michael Phelps. Unfortunately for the disgraced Senator, the name ‘John Edwards' ALSO adds up to 16. Thus he's activating his powerful Destiny with a very difficult current name number. This is not recommended for obvious reasons.

Here's what I want you to know about the number 88 and the number it reduces to – 16/7.

88 is first and foremost a Master Number of power, strength and infinity. It will ask you to be responsible. It will guarantee you have obstacles to overcome in order to test your inner resources. 88 is a double leadership number.

The first President of the United States of America, George Washington, had an 88/16/7 Destiny.

88 reduces to 16/7. This combination warns against an inflated ego. Those who use this number in an egotistical way will suffer.  Your ego will always disconnect you from the source of your true power – intuition.

Ego can be mistaken for confidence and strength. Not so.

In reality, no matter who the person is, if you stop trusting your daily intuitive messages, you have stopped taking responsibility for your life. Your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental life will be disconnected from the ultimate generator  – infinite wisdom or God.

Ignoring your intuition results in an painful life – and that pain can be felt in various different levels.

Now consider that Intuition is symbolized by the number  7 which is the root number of the number 16. So people who have a 16/7 are especially asked to listen to their hunches.

John Edwards obviously ignored his intuition in a big way.  So eventually the 16/7 present in his Destiny and current name appeared in his life in a swift, sudden and shocking manner. 16 takes the ego by surprise.  It has to.

On the other hand, Michael Phelps is a highly intuitive swimmer with a brilliant tactical mind. General George Washington utilized these qualities as well.

High intelligence comes as a result of trusting your intuition. So you see, the 16/7 brings profound gifts.  This is how Michael Phelps is able to access the double power symbolized in his 88/16 Destiny. He trusts his body. He rests and rejuvenates every part of himself between races. He allows himself to breathe.

And so every time he arrives at the pool, he enters the water rebirthed. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

That is the key to this number.

So, if you have an 88/16 or any 16 in your blueprint, your life will be akin to a spiritual rebirth – a rebirth which affects all areas of your life.

Keep in mind, being born with a 16 in your Personal Numerology Blueprint affects you differently than having a 16/7 current name.

Your current name number is an activator. I always say there's no need for you to activate your life with a 16/7 name like ‘John Edwards' did. Unless you're a monk on a spiritual mission.

Without a doubt, Michael Phelps' 27/9 name helped him. You see, 27 is a highly fortunate number of courage and power. It blesses him with command and authority along with great rewards. It gives him the strength and confidence to tap into his Master Number 88/16

Do you know who else has a 16/7 in her Personal Blueprint and benefits from a 27 current name.

Madonna. She turned 50 on Saturday, August 16. Madonna is a poster child for turning her life around after she discarded her last name Ciccone. ‘Maddona Cicccone'  happens to result in a very challenging 18. Once she changed her name number, her life took off like a rocket.

Note that Madonna was then able to benefit from her 16/7
in unusual ways.

If you take anything from Phelps' historic wins during these 29th Olympic Games in China, it is that he turned what seemed to be immense obstacles – such as goggles filling with water in two races, and being in 7th place at the wall – and switched on the lightning bolt of courage in his double 8 Destiny number and 27 name to shock the world with his 8 wins.

It's the whole recipe that counts. This is key.

So activate your own blueprint in the best possible way. By ensuring your current name is a fortunate one.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Did you see amazing Chinese diver Guo Jingjing last night. Now she's the most prolific women's diving medalist in the history of the Olympics. Take note – her name resonates to the same meaning as Michael Phelps'. The date of her final competition, which she won Gold, also happens to add up to a Personal Day of 17/8  for Guo. Yes, the ‘Immortality Number' was activated again – this time for the most famous female athlete in China – Guo Jingjing.

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