When I saw the photo on CNN of a plane split in half I
thought most passengers would not have survived this horrible crash.


As it turns out, the plane had broken up into 3 parts. Passengers
were scattered around the runway.


Amazingly only one person did not survive this crash on an
island off Columbia.


The pilot of the plane reported a lightning strike had hit
the plane at 1:49 am. There were 131 people on board the plane.


These two numbers – 131 and 1:49 am – are significant. They
both reduce to 5.


Notice how the number 5 faces to the left AND right, the
only number to do so. 5 lies in the middle of numbers 1 through 9. It is poised
for anything, so surprises are always part of this frequency. Change, risk and
adventure usually accompanies a 5 when it appears in your current cycles.


But what encapsulated this plane crash the most for me was
the following number.


Flight 8250.


Add the single digits together and they total 15.


15 is a vibration of spiritual alchemy. A truly magical
number – as long as it is not combined with either number 4 or 8. 15 is an
extremely lucky frequency.


Additionally, there is a zero at the end of 8250. If you
have a zero in any of your important birth numbers, it does two things.


1. Zero intensifies any numbers it is combined with – in
this case number 15.


2. Zeros bring divine protection.


Let's say your Life Purpose Number or Day of Birth is 20.
Then you carry the gift of divine protection throughout your life.


You also magnify the meaning of number 2.


This is because ‘0' symbolizes Everything and Nothing – the
Alpha and Omega.


The numbers in your birth name and birthday reveal so much
about your purpose, your gifts and your destiny. For example, you may have a
136 Destiny Number, which reduces to 10 – another magnification.


Each one of your birth frequencies are described in great
detail in your Personal Numerology Blueprint.


And yes, it includes your ‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report as
a Free gift.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle