Have you noticed? Life is serving up big break-throughs which are helping us release decades of toxic stuff from our system.

No surprise things are moving faster and intensifying up in September — a 5 Universal Month in a 5 Year!

Yesterday while giving an Astro-Numerology reading I pointed out to my client how the letter M is the only one spoken with the mouth closed.

This letter is important for us to understand as we close in on the year that follows the big shift – 2013.

Let’s look at the numerology and then get into how it’s all lining up right now.

‘M’ a mysterious, deep letter – literally symbolizing the sacredness of silence (mouth closed) and the deepest waters of the ocean, where there is no sound. Yet LIFE springs from these depths.

M begins the word Mother – mothers give birth to new life. Magic, Mystery, Mysticism, Mountain and Miracle and Myth all begin with M.

M is the 13th letter of the Western alphabet, the central point of our 26-letter system.

M stands well balanced on two ‘feet’ and represents grounding of energy.

The middle of ‘M’ is comprised of a ‘V’ which opens up to the divine for inspiration. These insights and ideas are able to be Manifested and Managed with a focused Mind and an excellent Memory.

(V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet and M the 13th – both 22 and 13 reduce to the root number 4which represents planet Earth – architecture, physical manifestation of ideas, order and discipline.)

The number 13 for letter M figures greatly next year in 2013.

13/4 is the number of Power and Change:

Original Thought (1) combines with Perfection in Creation (3) to Manifest in Physical Reality (4).

Since M signifies the beginning of life, the sacred silence of creation and the center of our alphabet, a sense of mystery and magic will really begin entering our lives in a big way shortly, particularly after 12.21.2012.

Amazingly, our own star the Sun will be facing the center of our Galaxy days before we enter the year 2013!

This signifies the end of a 26,000 cycle, as the Mayans calculated long ago.

Note that 13 plus 13 = 26.

13 is one of the numbers of CHANGE. 13 stands for life, death and rebirth – the ultimate transformation.

With change comes the release of toxins, which in turn can bring upheaval – especially if there is resistance to change. Yes, it’s natural for people to become confused and afraid at the start – scared of what change will bring.

Yet that is when you loose your center.

Here’s an easy tool you can use when you feel yourself getting off balance:

In your minds eye see the letter M as symbolizing Manifestation and the Miracle of Life. When you start to get off center you Worry. Flip the W for Worry back to M for stability and grounding.

This tool is a way to shift your perspective when you need a ‘quick’ readjustment!

When you are not centered, instead of focusing on what’s going on inside of you, you choose to worry and project your fears outwardly. You do this by focusing on what Tomorrow might bring. Most drama is created this way. Of course all you’re actually doing is projecting the past into the future while ignoring the present opportunity for insight and transformation.

In this case, two things occur:

1. You loose track of who you are BEING at this moment in time.
2. You miss the Journey.

Smelling the roses on the way is what keeps you centered. Being flexible and open, awake and aware, in tune with your intuition – is called BEING in the center.

Not DOING in the center.

The Doing always arises from who you are Being. If you choose to focus on your tomorrows, your doing will reflect confusion.

‘Know Thyself’ is the key to being happy and centered.

How can you know yourself? By paying attention to spiritual modalities that reveal your own deep mysteries. By understanding the secret wisdom revealed in your personal Abundance Blueprint

By KNOWING the Meaning and Mystery of your personal numbers code – both sides of the coin.

If you don’t face your shadow side, you will cast illusion onto the world. By facing and accepting your shadow, you will be set FREE!

21 in Ancient Egyptian numerology means “The Truth shall set you Free.” We are in the 21st Century.

2012 is the Year of Freedom.

Freedom from fear, freedom from self-enslavement, freedom from illusion.

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This will be an opportunity to shift like NO other. Be there LIVE in the room and create your own miracle.

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If there ever was a time to break free, it is NOW.

Love and Blessings,

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