stones-wintersunsetDecember 21 is a deeply sacred day… when the Earth is closer to the sun (by 3 million miles) than during the summer.

Welcome Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, Summer Solstice in the Southern hemisphere.

“Sol” means Sun. And “stice” is derived from the Latin “sistere” – to be still.

The Sun appears to be at a standstill, for a few days… in a moment of serene prayer.

All is in meditation.

Our hearts quiet down for the holiday season, as the Sun – symbolizing our inner and outer source of light – is rebirthing.

We are also crossing the threshold this solstice season into a NEW 9-year cycle… While Mercury is in retrograde! So much in you is being recalibrated right now!

  • On 12.21.2016 the exquisite 3-6-9 Triad of Love, Compassion and Creativity is illuminated.
  • The beautiful number 15 Universal Date of magic, alchemy and love merges with number 21 Day of Truth, Joy and Creation.

Love, affection, creation, compassion and truth are your guides for the next 6 months. As the Sun enters Capricorn (Capricorn is where Mercury is now retrograding) a powerful call intensifies within your heart to recognize and reflect on your divine mission.

Celebrate the union of light and dark … Bring your life into unity.

Accept everyone who crosses your path – from young children to co-workers to strangers to family members… to those you are in conflict with – accept them all as EQUALS.

Embrace unity.

Love everyone. NO exceptions.

You don’t have to agree with them.  You don’t need to have the same values or goals or beliefs as them.

Accepting others as equal is NOT about agreeing with them.

Acceptance is Love.

Forgiveness is Love.

Agreement is not about Love. Love is only about Love.

You will always differ from others and have a difference of opinion from many.

But that does not mean you cannot love them.

Go ahead and LOVE them.

Yes, go ahead and love those who differ from you.

Love has no limitations, no borders.

Love just is. 

See everyone as your equal and you will find Love in the most unexpected ways!

On this 3-6-9 Day of the deepest Feeling, on this sacred moment of the Solstice, on the Day we enter the stillness of Winter… go deeply into your feelings about equality and acceptance.

How might you be separating yourself from others?

Maybe you have hidden prejudices? Could your prejudice be about feeling more intelligent or more educated? No matter what it is, bring what separates you into the Light.

This is your opportunity.

Be willing to open up. Be willing to learn. What are you willing to release? What are you willing to resonate with, what are you willing to think about in a new way?

And if you are unwilling to release, are you willing to ask for support to help you?

To look at your shadow?

Always remember, the shadow is here to help you grow! Appreciate its gifts!

Celebrate the union of light and dark, celebrate Earth and Sky – accept ALL aspects of yourself.

Light and Dark are in balance on this beautiful Solstice day…

Feel in alignment with your deepest desires – Love, Joy, Abundance, Peace.

Be humbled by the beauty of life, the extraordinary gifts of love and forgiveness.

Let go… release… be grateful for both darkness and light…because BOTH work in tandem to elevate your divine experience here on Earth.

Be open and willing to live in the miracle of Love.

Many Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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