I've been following the H1N1 swine flu with interest and want to share what I found.

I'll start out by saying I believe the hysteria does not match the actual cases. There are a lot of contradictory messages. And this fits into our current 2009 year – an 11 cycle.

I'll also tell you my own conclusions.

It's now being reported that the Mexican government discovered the first case of this strange flu on March 18, 2009.

If there are any numbers I don't want to see in relation to epidemics they are 13, 16 and 18. I have now seen two out of three.

Actually, Bloomberg initially reported that the first case was discovered April 13, thus activating all three numbers.

First to the number 18.

18 symbolizes materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature. It may result in bitter quarrels within the family circle, such as the inner circle running a country, and there is a possibility of making money through conflict, social upheaval or war.

So 18 can indicate achieving position and power through the use of divisive tactics.

Have you also noticed all the contradictory messages in the media? Remember one of the effects of 2009 – an 11 cycle – is the possibility for division and confusion.

Let's add another number to this potent equation.

As I mentioned previously, President Obama visited Mexico City on April 16. He shook the hand of Felipe Solis, head of the Anthropology Museum. Solis died the following day from symptoms similar to flu.

16 is a number of sudden events often signifying a fall from a high place. I call it the ‘Lincoln Number' because Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President and his current name adds up t 16/7.

So, here are fast-breaking events covered by these numbers.

The World Health Organization is on Level 5 alert – the second to last before the highest alert, Level 6.

The BBC reports this morning ‘Mexico Shuts Down Due to Flu'. In Mexico City all public gathering places have been closed by the mayor for days. Small businesses are folding fast. It is an economic disaster for this country. No tourists, no business from one day to the next with no end in sight.

And yet, WHO has only confirmed 7 deaths Mexico. The rest are from pneumonia. Obviously there'll always be respiratory issues in Mexico City.

The media is reporting only 1 death in the U.S. – a Mexican toddler visiting the U.S. with many previous health issues. When every year 35,000 Americans die of complications from flu.

Hundreds of schools are closing.

Then yesterday Joe Biden tells Matt Lauer on the Today Show, ‘I would tell members of my own family, and I have, I wouldn't go anywhere in confined places now.' He went on to say he advised his family not to fly or use the subway.

Meanwhile, out of 6.5 Billion people, only 236 around the world are infected.

In my opinion, this is fear-mongering of the highest level. You don't have to agree with me. But from my perspective something smells fishy.

Why is the border being left open when WHO is so concerned about this pandemic? Why are some news outlets already reporting that WHO will be announcing the highest alert Level 6 soon?

Why is CBS News stating there'll be a 250,000 fine for anyone who refuses to get vaccinated.

Swine flu hysteria is spreading much faster than the actual virus.

I will be keeping a close eye on this story as we move through the next few months.

We have a tremendous opportunity now to walk through the gateway of Truth – symbolized by the number 2009/11 – and leave propaganda and disinformation behind.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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