Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.05.34 AMOn September 5 we will experience a Virgo New Moon.

What a wonderful time for all of us to plant seeds of prosperity.

This is a moment to pour your heart and soul into your wealth creation goals!

At 13 degrees, this Virgo New Moon is extremely powerful. It carries the energy of transformation AND manifestation which is supported by discipline and focus.

You can really ‘get your house in order’ now.

With September’s deeply emotional 6 Universal Month energy, this New Moon pours healing nourishment into our hearts. Healing of mind, body and soul really kicks into gear now.

6 governs generating abundance through compassion and service.

Be of service to others.

Wealth is attracted to those who create products and services which uplift and inspire others.

Don’t just dream about doing so. Put your plan into action!

You are being supported in magnificent ways.

Virgo combined with the 13/4 degrees of this New Moon forms a very dynamic code of manifestation.

Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo and governs your mind. Use your mental power to dissect through untruths and delusions.

The 5th of September is ALSO a Mind Number.

Focus in like a laser on what is most important and of value to you.

In a nutshell, the Astro-Numerology Code for this New Moon  is truly grounding and supportive – as long as you are flexible and willing to apply your gifts!

Activate your prosperity plans with joyful anticipation of your future.

And be grateful in advance for your good fortune.

This is the greatest secret of wealth.

Dedicated to Your Prosperity,

Tania Gabrielle

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