Today we hear the sad news coming
from Moscow.


Supposedly two female suicide
bombers detonated bombs during the busiest time of the day – Monday morning
rush hour. The two subway stations where these bombs were activated in train
cars are very busy interchange stations. Note that the first explosion took
place very near the Kremlin.


The numbers surrounding this
tragic event tell me it is a very significant marker for the future of world


Factions that have been ‘at war'
with each other for decades, even millennia, will flare up all around the
world. It will feel in many places like revolution is breaking out.


I know this because the number 11
is fully activated in today's Moscow blasts.


11 is a number of double new
beginnings. The flipside is division – where the two 1's in 11 can literally
represent two armies facing each other in battle. So 11 symbolizes two opposing
energies which need to be united. In a current name and current cycle, 11 can
represent treachery from others.


The division in 11 occurs within
us before it manifests as external disharmony. There is an illusion of
separation with this number.


It is no surprise then that the
suicide bombers were from Chechnya and that they are female. This is typical
number 11 symbolism.


We have Islam vs. Christianity


We have female vs. male triggered.


We have government/elite vs.
downtrodden population activated.


Today is the 29th, an
11 Universal Day.


Moscow was established around
1147. Since 47 reduces to 11, 1147 activates 11:11 – a major trigger if you are


38/11 people were killed.


65/11 people were wounded.


The first attack right near the
Kremlin – seat of Russian government – happened at 7:56 am.


This is very significant since 56
reduces to 11.


Also, the 7 represents a lightning bolt and can indicate very
sudden events that trigger the core of a person, entity or nation's life.


It is important to note that 7:56 adds up to 18/9. This number indicates that revolution will spread, especially between religious factions.


This is because 18 in a current
name or current cycle symbolizes materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual
side of nature. And, for a nation, 18 indicates social upheaval, revolution or

All these 11s indicate this
event is a double new beginning, Coupled with the number 18 shows HOW the
division will manifest – through revolution.


Also of significance is that today
is a full moon.

Many programmed people, such as suicide bombers, will have
their internal programming triggered in the two days before and after a full


For some parts of the world the
full moon is on the 29th, an 11 day. For others it falls on the 30th
– triggering the Universal Number fore 2010 which is 3.


As more of these seemingly
external events unfold around us, it is important to look within and begin
addressing any inner conflict and division we are feeling. Know what your
personal numbers are and how they are manifesting in your current cycles.


Looking at your mind patterns takes
a brutal honesty about issues you may not want to face.


2010 is a big 3 Universal Year of
change, as I keep saying. So it is a wonderful time to do so.


If you address your own issues and
mind patterns, you will stay grounded and will not be taken off balance during
these momentous times.


Remember, numbers are powerful
symbols. They affect you whether you are aware of them or not. The reason for
my newsletter is to show you the power of numbers on our lives.


Since your current name has a
unique number, be sure it resonates to a frequency that is helping you – not
causing unnecessary problems.


A fortunate current name will help
you attract people and events that will nurture, support and bring you peace of
mind – from the inside out. Go check your current name vibration here.



Tania Gabrielle


The ‘Is My Name Fortunate' report comes as a gift when you order your Personal
Numerology Blueprint.

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