evening CNN online had an article about how Mozart may have died. There are
many theories. The latest is that he may have had strep throat which turned
into kidney failure.


Whatever the case me be surrounding his early
departure at 35 years of age, I had to know more about this extraordinary


As a composer myself, I wanted to be just like
Mozart when I was a little girl. His music will always rank at the top of my
favorites – the musical works are filled with joy and serenity and have an
angelic, pure quality that is unsurpassed.


Mozart's numerology blueprint is equally


He has three 11s – a Master Number – and two 9s.
Mozart's Life Purpose Number is 29/11. Notice how it is mirrored in his 209/11
Destiny Number. Also, we're in 2009 so it's interesting this story of his
possible cause of death made headlines now.


Mozart is born on a 27/9 Day and has a 9


Let's look at both 11 and 9 more closely. Of
course 11 reflects Double Creativity and Mastery. This number is electrical and
represents Light. People with even one prominent 11 in their blueprint have a
highly active mind – it is tuned to a frequency akin to lightning. Flashes of
insights are not uncommon.


Mozart was known to work long hours, finishing
his compositions at a tremendous, lightning pace as deadlines approached.


For Mozart and his three 11s those creative hits
were pure genius. And since he has a strong 9 presence in his blueprint as well
– his music touches hearts on the deepest levels. At the highest level 9
represents unconditional love.


He truly had the remarkable ability to receive Light
and transmute it into beautiful works of art.


So why did he die so young?


His name gives us some clues. Amazingly
‘Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart' adds up to another Master Number, 22/4.


Now in a current name this isn't the best number
to have. 22 is challenging in many ways and will bring up issues with money.
Even the version of his name he liked to use later in his life ‘Wolfgang Amade
Mozart' adds up to the SAME number 22/4.


Take out his middle name, Amadeus, and another major
clue is revealed.


‘Wolfgang Mozart' adds up to 16/7.


16 represents a person with a crown on his or
her head being struck by lightning and falling from a high place. This metaphor
certainly was present for Mozart.


He created his most beautiful compositions in
the final moments of his life. His opera ‘The Magic Flute' and the clarinet
concerto are legendary. Of course his final work, his unfinished ‘Requiem' was
composed on his deathbed.


The Requiem has a Koechel of catalog number of
K. 626. Notice that 6+2+6 adds up to 14/5, the Media Number.


Yes, Mozart will be remembered forever in books,
on CD and in movies. He is one of the greatest geniuses who ever graced our
planet, and his Personal Numerology Blueprint reflects his mastery and love.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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