The SEC can't locate him. He owns six planes, so he could be hiding anywhere.

R. Allen Stanford, the multi-billionaire accused of running a ‘massive, ongoing fraud' from his Houston-based Stanford Group Co., has disappeared.

Most likely he's hiding out on a Caribbean island. Stanford holds dual U.S. and Antigua & Barbudan citizenship after being naturalized in that country ten years ago. It's how he was able to acquire the hallowed title ‘Sir Allen Stanford.'

Speaking of names, he's got several. One resonates to 17/8 indicating he'll be remembered. For something he did or a legacy he left behind.  His other two current names are also fortunate.

There's one hitch, though. His companies have really challenging names.

So I'm not surprised they eventually ended up in hot water.

Amazingly, BOTH ‘Stanford Financial Group' AND ‘Stanford Group Co.' add up to 16/7.

16 usually indicates rising to the top and doing really well – obviously the case when you're managing 51 billyon for your clients. But the danger with number 16 is a major risk – ‘falling from a high place after being struck by lightning' and losing everything.

How did this number influence the running of his companies.

16 reduces to 7 and will demand you listen to your intuition and dreams because they always warn of danger. 7 symbolizes wisdom.
Which reminds me. Did you notice how on February 16  we heard about two nuclear subs collided in the Atlantic. They carried 16 missiles each.

See how numbers give you clues?

Stanford's many personal names don't help matters either, even thought they are all good. This is because so many names will dilute the power of each number. Having ne strong name number is always best.

With this picture he may get a slap on the wrist for massive fraud, but it doesn't look good for his clients.

It's really simple. Names send out vibrations. You want your name to be good, supportive and a magnet for success.

If you have a website, book or business – be sure the name is helping you bypass unnecessary obstacles. There's absolutely NO reason to want to attract problematic situations into your life.

As for your personal name. Get it checked. It's more important than ever.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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