When I first met the great film director Stanley Kubrick at his home in Hertfordshire outside of London, I was taken aback at how down to earth he was.
Believe me, I was a star struck 23 year-old. I spent about 15 minutes talking to him in the kitchen of his family’s sprawling estate. His daughter Anya and I met at a music festival a few months back. I was invited because the Kubricks were hosting a benefit concert at their house. Can’t remember who the benefit was for.
What I can recall in vivid detail is ending up in Stanley Kubrick’s kitchen. Just him and me. It was one of those ‘lucky’ moments I’ll always remember.
He was feeding his many pets that day in the kitchen. He definitely had his own ideas of pet food. They were treated like royalty. No pet food for them – they got some pretty delectable human food. He talked to them like they were his best friends. Which may not be too far from the truth. And he took great pleasure in watching them eat.
No wonder. His Essence Number is a 6. So his attitude towards people and animals was definitely paternal.
Kubrick’s aura was electric and powerful. Befitting a world-renowned icon with two 8s in his birth numbers. Both his day of birth 26/8 and his Life Purpose Number 35/8 are eights – the number of power and abundance.
But there’s more to this man who had such a air of mystery surrounding him. Kubrick was intensely private, a sure sign he had a 7 in his numerology blueprint. It shows up as his Soul Number – the part of you not many people know about. The 7 reflects his ability to be alone, analyze and think things through. It would also explain why he did not live in London, but chose a tranquil landscape instead. People with 7s love nature and need it regularly to keep their peace of mind.
The other big vibrations in Kubrick’s Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint are his 9 Destiny and 11 Personality. 9 is the number of leadership and service to humanity. It is also a vibration of creators – writers, artists, directors and actors.
Kubrick’s 11 Personality speaks for itself. He was a master and came across that way to others. He carried himself with such ease that day I met him in his kitchen. You could not help but notice the man. A most magnetic individual.
I was invited to the premiere of Kubrick’s movie ‘Full Metal Jacket’ soon after my visit. His whole family, including his lovely German wife Christiane, were happy as can be, and all present at London’s Leicester Square Theatre. Meeting them and basking in Stanley Kubrick’s presence, was one of the major highlights during my three-year sojourn in London.
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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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