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Over the weekend Sarah Palin gave
a speech at the Tea Party Convention. She called for a new revolution, and the
crowd cheered her on.


Then the former Alaska Governor revealed
she was considering a run for President in 2012.


Not a good idea.


If Sarah Palin spent a day with
me, here is some of what I would tell her:


“One reason your career took off on
August 29, 2008 when John McCain chose you as his Vice Presidential Running
mate, is that your personal cycles were lined for success.


“2008 was a 14/5 Personal Year for
you – the Media Number. By the way, Joe Biden ALSO benefited from this same
14/5 Media cycle that year.


“August, 2008 was a 22/4 Personal
Month for you. This number triggered two highly important vibrations in your
Personal Numerology Blueprint – your Day of Birth and your Destiny number –
symbolizing your career.


“Finally, the 29th of
August was a 33/6 Personal Day for you activating your third important number –
your 24/6 Life Purpose. Plus, the 29th reduces to 11 – mirroring
your 11 Day of Birth.


“Contrast that with your upcoming
cycles in 2012.


“You will be in an 18/9 Personal
Year. Unfortunately, 18 cycles, when coupled with a call for revolution, will
attract social upheaval and conflict. Your health could also be affected.


“Here's another factor. Your current
name ‘Sarah Palin' adds up to 12/3 – the Victim Number. The 18/9 Personal Year you'll
have in 2012 can easily trigger that victim or victimizer mentality in your


“Remember when you resigned as
Governor of Alaska last year? It was on July 3, activating your 12/3 victim name.
Your name was also triggered by your 15/6 Personal Year in 2009.


“Now, if the elections were held
in 2011, you'd have a far better chance of success. You have a lot going for
you next year.


‘But here's another thing about
your name you need to be aware of.


“When I create lexigrams with the
letters in ‘SARAH PALIN' there are phrases to support great division as a
result of your campaign. Lexigrams reveal the deepest, hidden parts of your


‘Your Lexigrams forecast your role
in spurring a possible revolution. I recommend you use your words wisely. They
will be heard and may cause more than what you bargained for.


‘Look at some of the secret messages
revealed in your name's lexigrams:


Palin Snaps, Has A Rash Plan

Palin Parish Rails Liars

Sarah, a Piranha, Harps on Iran

Alas, a slain Sarah ails

Alpha Palin Ran Lap – has Nil

Rah, rah, rah


There's much more I would tell Sarah Palin if she spent a day
with me.


I would help her with her professional and personal
relationships. I would explain which geographic locations are positive and
which are negative for her. I would give her a daily forecast for 2010. And
much more.


She could certainly benefit from some good advice – Palin is
in a highly potent 16/7 cycle in 2010.


Now I have a WONDERFUL opportunity for you.


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private retreats. Only six people will be accepted into this special program.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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