The number 7 has fascinated humankind for eons. It has been used to expand consciousness and bring home the hidden messages in sacred stories around the world.
Here’s what’s fascinating from a geometric standpoint.
7 happens to be the only number from 1 through 9 which cannot be divided evenly into a circle. A circle has 360 degrees. 1 times 360, 2 times 180, 3 times 120, 4 times 90, 5 times 72, 6 times 60, 7 times 51.428571, 8 times 45 and 9 times 40.
It’s no coincidence, the 4 outer angles of the Great Pyramid each measure 51 degrees 51 minutes, denoting Ancient Egyptians great knowledge of numbers and their hidden meanings.
Seven is often called the sacred number.
One reason for this might be that 7 is the principle number in the Bible. It’s used hundreds of times throughout the Old and New Testaments. For example, Noah’s dove stays away 7 days, and the flood prepares its arrival for 7 days. In the New Testament Matthew speaks of 70 times sevenfold forgiveness. There are the 7 last words of Christ. Even the Catholic mass is arranged in its 7 parts according to ancient numerological principles.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the seven deadly sins, made even more famous in the movie ‘Seven.’
The Ancient Chinese created a 7-branched tree, calling it the Cosmic tree with 7 levels of initiation. In China, 7 is also connected with human life, especially female life. Children loose their first teeth around age 7, around 2 x 7 years the ‘road of yin’ opens as the female reaches puberty, and at 7 x 7 = 49 menopause sets in.
From a medical standpoint this is all correct. Add to the fact that menstruation comes every 7 x 4 days. Likewise, pregnancy is counted by summing up 7 x 40 days.
It’s fascinating on how many levels from physical through spiritual the number 7 is key.
Look at the 7 notes in a musical scale. Or the fact that the moon has four 7-day cycles.
In India, the newborn Buddha makes 7 strides to express the fact this will be his last birth. He seeks salvation for 7 years, circumnavigates the Bodhi tree 7 times before sitting down to meditate under it. Note also the 7 chakras in the body.
Richard Strauss’ opera ‘Salome’ contains the most famous music for the “Dance of the Seven Veils” near the climax of the opera. The visual content of that scene usually lasts about 7 minutes.
On a more superstitious level, a custom in Pakistan says 7 happily married women should make the first 7 cuts in the material for the bridal dress.
Oh, and then there are the fairy tales. The 7 dwarfs behind the 7 mountains, the 7 ravens, the 7 little goats or the 7 riders on white horses – to name but a few.
How does this apply to you. If the number 7 is prominent in your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint, you can’t take loud music, large crowds, and noise. You maintain your balance through serenity. You may be a perfectionist. You will dig for facts and analyze everything. You work best alone and are very private. You are a seeker of spiritual wisdom and are very intuitive.
Do these qualities apply to you or someone you know.
See what your personal blueprint reveals about you. Once you have your blueprint all sorts of possibilities open up instantly before your eyes. No more veils hiding your special talents. This blueprint is your ticket to your greatest adventure. Discovering who you truly are, and what you’re here to practice.
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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French

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