Occasionally I will look at a person in the news whose life is a mystery. Natalee Holloway is an example of someone I've looked at for some time. If you've followed the story, and it's hard not to have heard about it – her life was cut short tragically in May, 2005.
Now, what I'm about to say may sound “off the wall.” Even so, because I've found what I'm going to say to ring true so often – I can't help myself – and all this points to the importance of choosing the name you give a child – or yourself – very wisely.
Here's what I mean: The name ‘Natalee Holloway’ adds up to a 12/3. We know that a 12/3 name has many attractive qualities. At the same time there is one major potential problem – and that is that this vibration can have a strong tendency to attract those who will do you harm. It is NOT considered to be an easy number – especially for a teenager.
If your name adds up to a '12' – you must be ALERT and on guard more than most people. A quick name change can eliminate this – if you know what to do – or you remain ever vigilant, ever protective.
For teenagers especially, this can present a real challenge.
I don’t want to beat around the bush, but male teenagers most often want to gain one thing. And it’s not more sleep. It’s also precipitated by drink and drugs.
In Chaldean Numerology Holloway's 12 name put her in a position where she had to be suspicious of others, always analyze their motives. People would have been dishonest with her. Especially male strangers. A 12 name can also lead to her sacrificing her own personal goals in order to help someone else achieve his.
Sacrificing yourself for anyone is never a good thing. Natalee’s name gave her the tendency to ignore other people’s motives.
But what if she herself is inebriated. Very dangerous. With a low-functioning mind and a 12 name, all caution can fly out the window. This is what I believe happened on the fateful Spring night in Aruba.
Let me set the scene then. May 29, 2005. Natalee’s friends said she had been drinking all day long. After all, she’s celebrating her high school graduation in Aruba – meaning, she flew to the Caribbean to have some fun. Plus, she’s blonde, beautiful, young and available. She most certainly would have attracted attention. Being inebriated, Natalee could NOT have analyzed anyone’s motives, good or bad.
Bring in Joran van der Sloot, a Dutch college student living in Aruba. Before I go further, I am not claiming that Joran killed Natalee. Only that he played a key role in taking her to a location where she would have been utterly vulnerable, given her inebriated state of mind.
Joran van der Sloot’s name adds up to 18. With the 18 number, like all numbers, there are both positive and negative tendencies. But look at what the negative ones are for this number: An 18 vibration can symbolize the ego wanting to destroy the spiritual. This is done through conflict, family quarrels, and social upheaval. A person with an 18 name often achieves power by using divisive tactics. His name makes it likely that he experiences deception from both enemies AND friends.
So Joran and his two friends, brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, have admitted, after initial denials, that the brothers dropped Joran and Natalee off on a beach. It’s all hearsay, of course, whether the two brothers joined them or not. By now it’s May 30.
What I do know is that Natalee died that night. I think it was a tragic combination of alcohol and the possibility of drugs spiking her drink as well as being taken advantage of on the beach.
Again, I’m not alleging Joran killed her. Though he most certainly played a part in Natalee’s untimely death.
But I am saying I believe she definitely died on the night of May 20. Why? Well, that's a Pythagorean Numerology secret. I will tell you this, though: Your personal numbers from your name and date of birth can play an almost unreal and uncanny series of coincidences on us.
For example, Mark Twain was born on Haley's comet and died on Haley's comet. Is that coincidental – fate – or something else entirely?
I was talking to a good friend last week who is a father. We were discussing how critical it is to give our own children good names. Names that will help them, guide them, and prepare the way for their success and happiness.
What makes numerology so wonderful is that it gives us this power.
As for you, once you KNOW whether your current name is hindering you, you’re free to create your own future.
Once you KNOW the meaning of the day you were born on, you can decide whether to ensure your current name adds up to a fortunate number. Though, if you ask me, it’s always a good thing to have a fortunate name.
Numbers are wonderful tools. Nothing is written in stone. YOU make the decisions. Each choice affects your future. So make sure you choose a GOOD name.
Go and discover how YOUR name supports your lifelong goals.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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