In my research into the AstroNumerology during 2012, I have made a big discovery… the powerful presence of the secret

2012 Code.

You would not believe where it shows up. In fact, the more I unveil, the more I am astounded.

Hollywood wants you to believe the world is ending. Fear is the operative emotion for 2012. Many of you may feel anxious about the big changes. You might even be wondering, ‘is it really the End Times?”

But the numbers say, absolutely not.

The 2012 Code reveals what is REALLY ending next year, why it is ending and when. It gives all the answers we need at this pivot point in human history.

  • If there has ever been a time to understand the numbers, cycles and codes, it is NOW.

  • If you want to understand how your OWN Personal AstroNumerology is activated in the Big Shift, do so Before 2012 begins.

So, in order to help and guide you during this tremendous moment in time, you are invited In order to help and guide you during this tremendous moment in time, you are invited to the Live Event of the YEAR — 2012: A Spiritual Pivot Point.

Early Bird Registration for this special event is now open.

Watch my New 2012 Video to learn more.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Important: If you missed the fabulous teleseminar on Tuesday with my special guest Baeth Davis, you're in luck Click here to listen to the recording (it's right under the 2012 Video). You'll find out about another amazing GIFT…

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