Yesterday playwright, writer and director Nora Ephron died.

The creator of ‘When Harry Met Sally’, ‘Silkwood’ and ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, Ephron knew how to take us into our feelings in a way that very few writers can. At one point in her career she was considered Hollywood’s foremost creator of romantic comedies.

Her comedic skills and her quest for truth are exhibited in her birth numerology.

Nora’s full birthday, May 19, 1941 adds up to 30/3 – the number of joy, optimism, creative expression, speaking, writing and the arts.

Numbers 3 and 5 are aligned with comedy and fun.

Both 3 and 5 sit on a rocker and are able to make quick adjustments while communicating – the key to a comedian’s skills.

Billy Crystal, one of our greatest comedians, was born on the 14th, a 5 Day, and has a birthday that adds up to 30/3. His ability to entertain while speaking is legendary and completely validated by his birth numbers.

Crystal shared the 3 and 5 with Nora Ephron.

Notice the numbers’ code revealed in Ephron’s birthday:

5.19.19 41

She has two 19’s in the middle framed by a 5 and a 41, which adds up to 5.

The 19 is about Truth, the 5 about Freedom and the 3 mentioned earlier is about Joyous Self Expression.

Amazingly the two actors associated with Ehpron’s most famous movie “When Harry Met Sally” are Meg Ryan, born on the 19th and Billy Crystal. The numerology connection between the three of them was positively magical.

Ephron passed away on the 26th. This number adds up to 8 – the infinity symbol, suggesting that Ephron’s creative work leaves a legacy behind. Amazingly, June 2012 was a 26/8 Personal Month for Ephron as well. When numbers ‘speak’ to each other like this, they magnify the symbolism. For Ephron the 8 signifies reaching the pinnacle of her gifts.

Finally, June 26, 2012 was a 7 Personal Day for Nora. This number of spiritual insight is very important to her because her birth name adds up to 7. That means her Destiny, her career, was celebrated on the day she died.

May Nora Ephron rest in peace and continue her happy journey.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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