On Saturday morning I read that Norman Mailer had died. I instantly felt a heart-centered tinge when someone of great importance passes away.
I remember hearing about Norman Mailer when I was a teenager growing up in Northern Virginia. My dad, who was a writer and poet, didn’t like Mailer’s politics. But he was magnetically attracted to his writing. This caught my attention.
I knew I’d find something special in Norman Mailer’s name and numbers.
This morning my hunch was confirmed. He has the double Genius vibration as well as a Destiny Number that gave him double divine protection. I’ll start with that one.
Norman Kingsley Mailer adds up to 100 in the Pythagorean Numerology System.
The 1 stands for creativity and originality, as well as a person who stands alone, is exclusive, a trailblazer, style-setter and inventor. Mailer fits all of these categories to a tee. He was fearless, a doer, a thinker and never apologized for how he felt about anything. The 1 stands for self, for strength and leadership. It can also stand for aggressiveness, and putting your ego first at all times.
The zero is a two-sided mirror reflecting his thoughts from the unknown, spirit side and manifesting it on the physical side. Thus a zero represents perfection. Whenever someone has a zero in his numbers, he is also protected. Mailer had two giving him double protection from negative forces.
Now let’s see how his numbers reflected his genius. Mailer was born on a 31 Day. More often than not, having a 31 name or Day of Birth indicates a genius quality is present. It also indicates someone who wants political change, while at the same time remaining fixed in his personal habits. Writing down ideas, which may change how people think and live, is often the case for someone with the 31. It indicates a solitary but often really rewarding life.
Mailer was one of the first truly celebrity writers. He understood that the fame coming from being a celebrity brought him opportunities he otherwise would have never had. He embraced his celebrity status with gusto, just as Hemingway had.
Most importantly, Mailer understood and admitted one critical fact – everything provided him with ideas for his writing. He never narrowed down his topics – he took everything in and came out with riveting prose.
This is what a genius does. Look at his 13 name, Norman Mailer, his second genius vibration. A genius will break the orthodox. He explores and discovers everyone and everything – this keen observation is then transmuted into something living and concrete. Additionally, by using this 13 name on the titles of all his books and articles, Norman Mailer, ensured his license to explore any topic and still be accepted by all camps.
Why was he so fascinated by war, murder and boxing? Because 13 is the number of upheaval. It symbolizes the destruction of the old to make room for the new. So subjects on death and violence would appeal to a writer with a 13 name.
As for Mailer’s six marriages, well he’s got a 20 Life Purpose Number. He liked controlling the people in his inner circle. New plans and new people would have been a big part of his life. The 20 gave Mailer a strong knowledge about opposites. He would have had to constantly make choices, especially concerning his relationships.
Mailer had the innate confidence to blaze his way through life. Most people need a boost, a confirmation of what they are here to do and what will make them most happy. Your Personal Pythagorean Blueprint gives you these invaluable clues. Get yours today and start the busiest time of the year on the right foot.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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