yosemite falls.pngNovember, 2011 is a very powerful moment in time.

That's because 11.11 is a Double Portal.

There are only 10 opportunities to experience this simple, sacred 11:11 equation between month and year during any millienium.

This first opportunity, 11.2011 is special, since the zero ‘0' precedes the 11 and imbues all with divine protection. That phenomenon only happens once in a thousand years.

What does this mean?

You can manifest your deepest desires and wildest dreams – now and in the foreseeable future…

…And one week from today there will be a special opportunity when the powerful 11 portal will activate in triplicate:


Anything that manifests three times is given the ultimate power-tool: creative perfection.

The Triple Portal Gateway on 11.11.11 will allow your heart and soul to ‘remember' your true origins and connect to your ultimate source. So… take a special moment of silence on that day. Breathe in your perfect vision of the future and breathe out your resistance to that vision.

Keep breathing in and out with focused intention. Breath and Pulse are the your spiritual connection to God.

What were Steve Jobs' final words before he took his final breaths?

“Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow!”

Universal truths can be explored and discovered in one single breath.

Ancient Egyptian priests taught about ‘Holy Breath' in their temples. On 11.11.11 you'll learn the secret knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian Divine Laws in relation The 2012 Code™. You will be amazed when you learn which month opens the ‘Holy Breath' gateway…

(No, it is not November…)

There are only a few spots left for you to watch this incredible seminar from the
comfort of your own home

Learn the true AstroNumerology significance of:

1. The 13 Crystal Skulls

2. The Mayan Prophecy

3. The Hopi Prophecy

4. The 2012 Code Prophecy

5. The major planetary alignments triggered in 2012

6. How each alignment affects your personal Astro Numerology Birth Chart

7. How numerous ancient historical events are culminating now

8. The true meaning of the current ‘End Times' prophesized in Revelations, the
Indian ‘Mahabharata' and ancient indigenous cultures

9. … and much, much more!

You don't even have to be available on 11.11.11 and Nov 12 to learn these secrets. That's because the complete livestream broadcast for this seminar will be accessible to you for 30 days following the event.

It is nearly sold out, so enroll immediately to reserve your seat.

I'll see you soon…

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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